Daily archives: July 31, 2020

That’s it, my child is an adult now 3

Ad,contains gifted items from Moonpig. I have not been paid for this post. My eldest son is turning 18. It is a tricky age to buy for presents for. Should you buy traditional 18th birthday items like numbered keys, and engraved hip flasks, or should you go a bit alternative? Moonpig to the rescue, as they have both quirky, and more traditional gifts as well as the cards they are known for. D isn’t much of a birthday fan, we’d normally pop out for the evening to a restaurant and have a family meal. He has things he can’t eat at home as I have allergies and whatnot, and it’s all about the experience rather than the gift. This year though, the dreaded COVID plague has struck, and with pubs and restaurants only just being allowed to open he doesn’t fancy it. So we will be at home, having Husband’s […]