Oat Cookies – Cadbury Dairy Milk Creative Cooking With #CBias

I have recently joined Collective Bias, or #CBias as it gets called on twitter. It is a shoppers programme where a few bloggers are chosen for each project, and then you have to plan and go shopping for a particular product, and photo it like crazy.

I felt like a spy in Sainsburys. My Google+ photo album – my (not so) Top Secret mission!
This mission was made for me, go and buy Diary Milk chocolate by Cadburys. Well it would be rude not to accept wouldn’t it? The mission was cookery, so I’ve had to bribe my partner in to cooking as I can burn salad me. Truly I am a bad cook, and he is great, so it’s the logical thing in this house that the Daddy cooks.

First up Dairy Milk Cookies. Two more Yummy Cadbury baking blog posts follow this post shortly… stay tuned!
Fudge Cake with Bourneville chocolate.


Click here to read the recipe on Cadbury.co.uk

My good mr Hubby gathered all the ingredients and turned on then oven to warm before taking a picture. Now to be honest I was asleep in bed at this point, but it was the morning of my birthday, I’m allowed a lie in surely?

First he put the brown sugar and chopped up butter in the  mixing bowl.

Mixing it all up the lazy way. It’s quicker, but much noisier, maybe he was trying to wake me? Didn’t work!

So in go the eggs, and a bit more excessively loud noise, I’m still sleeping. Nice try Hubby.

In went the oats and the flour, just like the recipe says….

Then it’s time for the good bit – adding in the Dairy Milk. Lots of small bits of Dairy Milk chopped up with knife in to small chunks. If I had been awake I might have nicked some of that, well half of it!

Then he stirred  folded the chocolate in to oaty the mixture.

Then he portions it in to cookie size amounts and makes it look like, well, cookies.

Smelling yummy

And here we have the end product. Several warm chocy and oat cookies. These went in to my handbag for when we went to the cinema later in the day and they tasted good. Flapjack and cookies crossed. Very nice, but very crumbly – not good for lunch boxes.
 I couldn’t photo this as cinemas don’t allow cameras to be used in the theatre. So here you go, a picture of my son in the cinema lobby…. Can you tell he likes Star Trek?

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