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There has been a shift in attitude towards responsible drinking among the younger generation in recent years.
One in seven parents wrongly assumes that underage drinking is increasing

New data commissioned for AB InBev UK’s Be(er) Responsible Day- a celebration to promote the importance of responsible drinking- has discovered that many parents are still over-estimating the number of young people who have tried alcohol at some point in their lives.

This is happening even though official data shows that the occurrence of underage drinking is decreasing.

The most recent figures show that 39% of 11 – 15 year olds have, at some point, consumed alcohol. However, when polled, the average parent guessed this figure to be at 57%.

The answers were even more exaggerated when asked to predict how often young people were drinking.  Parents predicted that a third of 11 – 15 year olds consumed alcohol every week whereas the real number is just 5%.

The survey also demonstrated that some parents generally believe more young people are drinking than was true of five years ago, although the data shows that this number is continually falling.

New research from a recent poll commissioned by the Alcohol Education Trust and AB InBev UK has shown that a large number of parents are of the opinion that the numbers of young people drinking are far greater than they really are.Recent statistics show that less than 40% of young teens aged 11 – 15 have consumed alcohol and only 5% do so on a regular basis.

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However, parents who were asked to predict these figures guessed on average that nearly 20% more young teens had consumed alcohol than do so.
“That’s why it is so important that parents are given all the help they need to talk to their children about responsible drinking”, said AB InBev who have partnered with the Alcohol Education Trust since 2013 to do just that.

The survey deliberately coincided with Global Be(er) Responsible Day which promotes responsible drinking for all age groups.Once all the data was collected and analysed, it became obvious that parents still have many misconceptions about young people and alcohol.

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3 thoughts on “Underage drinking

  • Lauranne

    I think we have a very unhealthy attitude to alcohol as a nation. I was brought up where alcohol was on the table at big family meals and from quite a young age we were allowed a sip if we asked to try it. When I went grew up and started to drink I new how to do so responsibly and although I have been drunk, I have never been passed out on the sidewalk drunk. However, I know various people who have been banned from looking at alcohol until the were 18, so the first thing they did when they were “free” to drink was getting absolutely plastered, and that would be their only intention when they headed out for the night.