Daily archives: December 18, 2014

Last minute Christmas tree craft 14

I don’t really do Christmas cards anymore. Instead I’ve made a little gift at a similar price to a card but with way more love, care and cute. I was looking at my craft box carrier bag (sorry) and thinking what I can make. Last year I made some friends heart shaped decorations using red and green checked tea towels, bright ribbon and some pound shop jingle bells. I had started a bit of a tradition, the lovely ladies I meet for coffee (almost) every week would be expecting something cute.

Underage drinking 3

There has been a shift in attitude towards responsible drinking among the younger generation in recent years. One in seven parents wrongly assumes that underage drinking is increasing New data commissioned for AB InBev UK’s Be(er) Responsible Day- a celebration to promote the importance of responsible drinking- has discovered that many parents are still over-estimating the number of young people who have tried alcohol at some point in their lives. This is happening even though official data shows that the occurrence of underage drinking is decreasing.