My Review of Zaggora Hot Pants

As some of the regular readers will have read, I want to shift some weight trying to get ready for that skydive! Have you heard of Zaggora hot pants?

These hot pants are a brilliant idea, and Zaggora sell a range of other clothing to help you exercise better. The idea is it makes certain areas of your body hotter than normal, so if you are wearing them it means your bum and thighs do “more work” and waste more calories, so hopefully lose weight from the problem areas first. I’m sad to admit I do have a wobbly tummy, so I am giving Zaggora Medium HotPants 2.0 a good trial. I have been exercising indoors on my partners cross trainer, and my twice daily school pick up is via bicycle, and I try to wear my hot pants for that too.

I can’t say I’ve lost any weight yet but I can vouch for it working my wobbly areas more. When I take them off I am rather sweaty… In most situations sweaty is not nice but when exercising it’s good.

They feel similar to a wet suit, and smell a bit like that straight from the packaging, but it’s not quite the same. It is easier to move in these hot pants. One of the main materials in them is neoprene, which is used as squishy but strong padding in laptop bags.

 As they are hand-rinse only I actually take them off in the shower sometimes… here they are drying on my shower rail. The photo here shows them inside out, the funky side. I promise they are black really. If you prefer funky and bright colours, I’d suggest you look at the Viva range.

They come to my knees, and I’m glad they aren’t longer due to my bad knee, hereditary vein issues. Urrgh! You might see from the photo there is some folding to the knee area, as these are hand wash only this doesn’t really drop out unfortunately but as I’m not the ironing kind anyway, I am not fussed by folds.

Things I like,

  • I can’t feel the wind on my upper legs when cycling.
  • I can wash and dry them easily over shower rail.
  • That they come in different styles, eg short shorts, capris and flares.
  • My silhouete loks much better wearing these.
  • They do seem to be working!

Things I don’t like,

  • Slight swishy noise as you walk.
  • They do not dry very fast!

I’ve been wearing them a lot in fact, I stick them on underneath midi and maxi dresses, and carry on with housework and gardening. Sadly if I wear them to exercise in of an evening after the kids are in bed, they will not be dry by morning for school run.

They won’t have any positive effect if you put them on then park your rear on a sofa, but you don’t need to be an obsessive gym member either. Anything active, vacuuming, carrying laundry up and downstairs if you do a big “wash day”, cleaning out our pet hutches, washing the car or kicking a ball  about with the kids.

This morning I jogged to school with them on under my long stripy dress, whilst my youngest son cycled “speedy fast”. I was pretty out of breath by the time we got to class, but I can confirm my thighs and bum were much warmer than anywhere else on my body. You might be thinking it sounds horrid to be hotter in one area, but it’s not unbearably hot or uncomfy. Sometimes after exercise I forget entirely I’m wearing them, so they are pretty comfortable in my opinion. I love the shape it gives my legs and bum when I have them on, my bum doesn’t appear as wobbly. Think of them like a good support bra, but for your butt! (Yes, I did just write that)

I wasn’t sure if I would like these or not, but I definitely do like them now I have tried them. I’ve had a look round the Zaggora site and like some of the other styles like these “Atomica” patterned leggings.

This is a sponsored post, by this I mean I was sent the Zaggora medium hotpants to try out and keep for my honest opinions. All the words are my own, The pictures are a mixture of my own photos and screen grabs from

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