Daily archives: May 13, 2015

I’m doing Pretty Muddy 26

Well I’ve joined in the madness that is Race For Life after years of saying that I might. But I’ve not gone for the easy course, nope, I’ll be doing the Pretty Muddy obstacle course with Joy and Emma and thousands of other women.  I hate cancer, passionately.  It took my Grandfather.  Yes, he was old, but it was not his time. My children were robbed of the best Grandparent ever. He never even met Jen,  he’d already died. In fact D attended the funeral in a 2 year sized Gap striped shirt with a teddy bear on the pocket.  You see to his friends he was called Ted. Cancer took the nearest I had to a father from me. It has also taken a few other more distant family members but my Gramps hurt. The irony of it… He quit smoking because I made him. But he had cancer […]