Our Italian adventure 3

So far its not going to plan! Gatwick was busy busy busy. We arrived at about 3:30am. Way too early that. Anywho for a 5:35 flight that should have been early enough but the queue was so big we were called out of the queue “Passengers for Verona make yourself known to staff” and were moved sharpish to the front.  Once we made it through security and bag drop and all that we attempted to buy breakfast. Worst service ever at EAT cafe. We asked for warm sandwiches, mistake! How can a toastie take twenty minutes? We had to run to the gate, food uneaten. At the gate plane was half an hour late, people were shouting at the lady on the desk. We did not yell at her, I said please and thanks and have a great day. We were the first flight due to leave, so I bet […]