Daily archives: November 12, 2014

Well that was a fun afternoon 8

This morning I was about to start tiling my kitchen. Not an exciting sounding day, but I like doing things like this even though it can take ages. It’s a lovely sense of satisfaction when you see a finished project. (Warning – if the sight of blood upsets you do not read further down this post!) I was measuring up and marking places on the wall with a pencil – then the phone rang. Off I went back in the living room to answer the phone. It was just a flipping telemarketer. I politely but assertively ask they go away and not call again. My phone is a cordless phone, which sits on a table top near but under the tv. The tv itself is on a swing arm so we aim it at the sofa to watch tv, or face away from the sofa if the lads play Kinnect […]