Well that was a fun afternoon 8

This morning I was about to start tiling my kitchen. Not an exciting sounding day, but I like doing things like this even though it can take ages. It’s a lovely sense of satisfaction when you see a finished project.

(Warning – if the sight of blood upsets you do not read further down this post!)
I was measuring up and marking places on the wall with a pencil – then the phone rang. Off I went back in the living room to answer the phone. It was just a flipping telemarketer. I politely but assertively ask they go away and not call again. My phone is a cordless phone, which sits on a table top near but under the tv. The tv itself is on a swing arm so we aim it at the sofa to watch tv, or face away from the sofa if the lads play Kinnect so they have more floor space.
Yesterday Jen played Kinnect but I didn’t notice the tv wasn’t quite back in it’s usual place.

I bent down to put the phone back and thump. I nearly take my eye out. A lot of ouchy stinging pain and a bit of blood. I went on automatic – wiped my face, applied pressure to the area, and then got a bag of frozen peas. It hurt more because of the ice but I was pretty sure I was meant to do this to limit the bruising. Whilst defrosting vegetables I phoned my local doctors. I explained what had happened and was told to go to A&E. I asked “are you sure?” and was told, “yes, this does count as an accident.”


The local hospital.

Good point, it was definitely an accident, who would do it on purpose. If I had hit just 2cm further across I might have blinded myself in honesty. I was lucky in a way the impact was against the bone of my eye socket. My eyelid is puffy, and my vision is a little fuzzy but it’s unlikely to be permanent.


Yes, I was crying.

So if you’ve got a flatscreen telly do not put your phone underneath it. I learnt that lesson so you didn’t have to!

Anyway I got home and carried back on with my tiles. I have mainly black and white but with just a handful of red and blue mixed in. I wanted it to be like a chess board, but a little quirky.


So here is where I am at.

I realise the photograph doesn’t pick out the blue tiles, but in daylight they do stand out beautifully. Of course whilst I do DIY the house gets a bit messy but never mind!


I fitted a fireplace this weekend.

Doing housework might make the house look better but DIY is an improvement that lasts so sod the housework I say.

Are you doing any home improvements of your own? Or have you had any really daft accidents like mine?

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8 thoughts on “Well that was a fun afternoon

  • Tara

    Ouch that looks really painful! I am quite concerned now as my phone is under my tv and I am very accident prone!

    Is it wrong that I’m now thinking that your kitchen is a resemblance of your eye?!

    • JulieRoo Post author

      It hurts more than bruising. The tv seems to have hit the bone of my eye socket, could have been much worse. Lucky you could say. It will be fine, except being stuck with a straight line scar on my eye….. I am going to look like kids drew it on.

  • Lauranne

    Whilst pulling apart a minging wooded box on my stairs, I had a piece of wood (blunt end) fall onto my leg. I think because of the position of my leg my skin was tight cause this little accident resulted in hug amounts of blood and a scar!! I think your DIY skills would rival mine. Well done you!!

  • Alaric Snell-Pym

    Ooof! Use of the peas sounds very sensible – the standard first aid advice for bruise-type wounds is RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation), which are all measures to reduce blood flow to the area in order to reduce the swelling (and the side-effects thereof). Your face is hard to compress and is already elevated, so resting and ice are as good as it gets.

    My office is directly opposite that A&E (the little red bricks buildings) – alas, I had no time for a lunch break yesterday, otherwise you could have come and said hi 😀