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I know, it isn’t Christmas yet. But it is the season to be shopping apparently. While I am not about to put the tree up just yet I do love to buy and plan early. That is the coolest thing about The Christmas Boutique, it runs all year. You can buy a Christmas stocking in July if you want to.

Christmas Boutique were kind enough to send a parcel of festive cheer my way to review. My favourite item is the advent calendar.


The extra long advent is nearly 6 feet long. I couldn't photograph it unfolded.

Don’t tell Blokey but he’s going to be getting a cool advent surprise. He’s “too old” for advent calendars really, but I have found a great thing to stuff the pockets with. Alcoholic chocolates.


Count down the days until Santa arrives.

Next it’s the decorations. Personally I prefer lots of baubles and ornaments, and I like them mismatched. Quirky is great, my tree has a mixture of homemade, really old, funky modern and downright weird decorations.


Frogs in swimwear, classic red glass shaped baubles, a mini heart wreath and gingerbread people.

The gingerbread people are so cute, they look positively edible and are covered in a sort of frosty effect.
The red baubles come in a nice little red bag and could actually be a gift to a big fan of all things Crimbo. They come without string but that is easily sorted with some scruffy brown twine or some crisp white yarn.
The frogs are just nuts, his & hers metallic green frogs in purple glitter swimming gear doesn’t sound Christmasey but in fact they do work.

The sweet little heart decoration is going into my car on December the first, I am going to ditch the air freshener and hang this beauty in it’s place. Out with the sunshades, in with wintery accessories I think. That sounds good but I mean window chamioux bricks and ice scrapers.


And finally, a huge Santa sack. When my boys saw this they got over excited about how many Lego sets I could cram in there for them. I quickly corrected them that it might be all books and clothes and no Lego. The response to that was “but we know that is a fib. We gave the parcels a shake!
Little monkeys.


Screenshots to show the prices.

Just like on the sister site, Gardens2You, it is free delivery.

Disclosure : I have received the items photographed above for the purpose of this honest review. (Except the chocolates which I bought.) No payment was received and the pictures are my own.

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