Daily archives: November 21, 2014

Charlie’s cancer support group 5

There is a support group local to me called Charlie’s that I’ve just recently found out about. It is a local group not a big national charity, so they don’t get much media coverage or publicity. What they do is brilliant, it is a support group for anyone effected by cancer. You don’t have to be in treatment, you could have had the all clear for years or be close family of someone with cancer. You might have noticed I’ve put their logo on my sidebar and wondered what they are all about.

Thoughtful advent calendars 6

For the last few years I have been preparing thoughtful advent calendars after deciding chocolate advent calendars are a bit dull and predictable. So I make prepare lovely felt calendars placing little toys and gifts in the pockets. I try to spend less than 25/35p per pocket but make an exception for Lego. When the local or national newspapers have “free Lego” I will pay about 60p for it. The paper just goes in the recycling pile or will be used as chicken bedding. Lego goes in weekend pockets, these take time to build. Little gifts like snap cards, miniature colouring pencil sets, wooden toys and tiny teddies go in the weekdays. These little beauties are mostly bought in pound shops and Wilko.

#WinningWeekends (21 Nov) 5

Winter is most definitely here now, so dark and cold. The panic stage has set in after a few weeks of denial that Christmas is coming. I really must try harder to win my family the nice gifts I haven’t got the budget for. The wishlists just from Jen and D were massive. I never buy everything they ask for but if I manage to win one of the really expensive presents they are hoping for I’ll wrap it From Santa and pretend I haven’t a clue where it came from. Anyways, if you haven’t been over to #WinningWeekends before it is a competitions linky. A list of blog based, open to the UK, competitions. I started this linky as I like competitions and know bloggers can get lots of new followers from competitions. As I am both a blogger and a comper I totally love anything to do with […]