Daily archives: December 13, 2014

Hand made Christmas soap 7

This week, with a whole lot of help from Blokey, I made soap. We used the Kirstie Allsopp* natural soap making kit from Hobbycraft. The instructions say you need a microwave, but we don’t have one so I phoned Hobbycraft customer service team for advice. They were very knowledgable and they didn’t mind talking to me – the nice lady who answered said she had not made soap so fetched a colleague who had. It was nice to talk to someone who knew her stuff, it was from experience not a script. I am impressed.

Watch out for sneaky pet food labels 4

If you read a pet food label that said “with extra meat” or “made with meat” you might think that is a good choice for your fluffy friends. It might be, but it might not be what you thought either. Meat content is something I look for on Freya’s food and treats. If there are two products that are similar then I turn them over and compare the small print. Freya Woof likes a foul smelling meaty stick chew in beef flavour, and in one of the better value shops in the city centre they sell the same thing by 3 different brands. I want nice things for my hound, and I assumed the most expensive choice would have most meat but it was no where near as high percentage meat as the middle priced brand –  The cheapest option was as you’d expect, made of “meat derivate” which could […]