A Whole Week Of Driving 5

I passed my test on Wednesday, that means I’ve been driving properly for a week. Yay! Today I had to see Doctor Dave in town. Today it was cold…. So today was a few firsts for me. The first time I’ve defrosted a car. The first time I’ve driven on icy roads. The first time I’ve parked in a Multi-Storey car park alone. First time I’ve had to pay a parking attendant. Sadly it was also the first time I’ve had a driver ranting and swearing and waving their hands at me. 🙁 It was a hideously impatient lady…. I was between her and a double decker bus, I was following the bus. It indicated to park briefly for a passenger to get on. I lent to my right to have a look but I couldn’t see far enough around the bus to be sure was clear to overtake and […]

Vroom Vroom 2

Ok, my last post was big news, a sky dive for charity, but this is big news for me too.   Custard and Jen pointing at his sunshade! Last night I booked (ok partner booked using my cards) my driving Theory Test. It’s in a couple of weeks time, then after booking that I did an online practice test, and I got 45/50 and the passing grade is 43 or higher. So I can pass, and I intend to pass first time. I’ve downloaded the Highway Code to my kindle, yes I know, it’s not the average bed time reading, but I want to know it all in case I get tricky questions on the day. My new instructor says I will pass, and he has no desire whatsoever to use the dual-controls with me. It is a nice feeling, I know I can, and I want my licence a […]