Cafe Rene Gloucester

Another Birthday boy – #MySundayPhoto 11

In the last few days my older son, D became a teenager. Do you know how old that makes me feel? When we were at Rene D counted a section of the wine bottles that make up the ceiling and did some maths, muttering numbers to himself. He worked out the ceiling should be filled with 2688, but there are gaps. The odd missing bottle, and bits of woodwork preventing bottles being put in certain places. So D decided it was nearer 2600 bottles. Still my nerd.

#MySundayPhoto birthday boy 12

This week was my little chaps birthday. It’s been a bit of a stressful week for me, Doris Dog needed stitches and minor surgery following a second and a half long argument with Freya Woof. It cost a fortune, but sensibly I had pet insurance so I just had to pay the excess.

The Sun #MySundayPhoto 7

This week was of course the Eclipse, and the first day of spring. Typically that morning it was cloudy and this messed up the chances of getting a great photo of the eclipse.  I took the woofers on the fields and tried to photo the sun.

Lego #MySundayPhoto 7

We’ve got two nights childfree. Although I love my boys I love being able to get rid of them now and then. So what do you reckon I found Blokey doing when I woke up? Making brunch maybe? Nope. Baking cakes? Also a nope. He’s making Benny’s Spaceship Lego. Of course. Linking to #MySundayPhoto.

#MySundayPhoto – cycling 10

Jen cycled to school, I chose lanes and alleys not the main road just in case. Sadly this was the same morning as a fatal hit and run on a cyclist near our home, so I felt a tad nervous. But my baby did great. I couldn’t get a better photo as he kept speeding off ahead. He did wait nicely at the end of this lane on the pavement, waiting to safely cross the busy road with me. This made me feel old, but happy. My baby is actually a big boy. Linking to #MySundayPhoto at OD3G.