#WinningWeekends (9 May) 12

Welcome to the #WinningWeekends blog competition linky. Same as usual, pop your lovely links in the boxes below. For example put “30/5 Win a gift voucher – MyBlogName” in the box marked NAME if you’re running a comp to give away a gift card and the competition ends on 30th May. I don’t know about you, but I like to have a clue what I am clicking up front, and the closing date is just super helpful as I know some competition hunters look at posts from the last few weeks as well as the most recent post. #WinningWeekends means that bloggers can quickly link up their posts, and maybe grab a badge to show support, and compers can find a few nice competitions they might have missed. Even if you aren’t a “comper” you might just fancy a quick flutter on a few competitions if you are feeling lucky. […]

Winning Weekends 4

Welcome to my second #WinningWeekend linky. The idea is link up any blog competitions you may be running, and more people will see your competition and enter. It also means followers of Julie’s Notebook have a few chances to win each weekend! In fact I won two prizes from the competitions linked up last week.   The “rules” will be simple, linky up a competition from your own blog or a friends blog (and host a badge if you want to). That’s it! You don’t have to comment, you don’t even have to enter anyone else’s contests and competitions. Just linky up. Pretty please make sure you only linky up competitions/contests is open to the UK and will be open until Monday or later. If you have a competition that runs a few weeks, pop back next week if you like.