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Wagglepets this month 2

This month I asked Wagglepets for a bit of help. Our Freya is a fussy hound, she gets bored then refuses to eat particular brands of food. She decided she no longer likes the RSCPA dry food that Wagglepets were sending us, and they switched us over to Royal Canin, no drama.   In the box this time were the usual poop bags, various biscuit based treats, a blanket and flea treatment. The flea spot on couldn’t have come at a better time, Freya had recently got her first ever tick, I did it all wrong and removed it without a special tool or gloves. Apparently there is a right and wrong way to do it. I’ve found an article on removing pet ticks here, but be warned, it includes a photo of a tick at the start of the text.

Kindness And Carrots 4

I went to the local Co-op on Wednesday after school, nothing unusual. We wanted basics, bread, a cold drink, something to go with dinner. Whilst we were in there we saw a small printed notice reminding customers that the “Goodness Gang” promotion ends soon and to get the teddies quick. Jen looked at the shelf were the veggie teddies had been, they had just two left. A pair of carrot teddies was all that was left. Jen started to worry, and had a distressed look on his face. As our items were being scanned through I asked the young lady on the till a cheeky question. I said “my son really had his heart set on a veggie teddy, but we’ve only got half a book of stickers, could we perhaps buy it with half the stickers and a fiver?” (the teddies cost a tenner each without the stickers) but […]