Trying to make the roads safer 1

Before I write too much I want to apologise for the pixelated images and badly done blurring – I was shouted at in a threatening manner for taking these images. I’ve made them fuzzy on purpose to avoid confrontation. A few weeks back, around Easter time, the parking situation near one of our schools was becoming dangerous. A few parents took to Facebook asking people to park legally and considerately or have their parking photographed and sent to the police and shared on Facebook too. These photos I took were not to wind anyone up, I actually took them to try to share on my blog about road safety. Hopefully enough time has passed that I can write this without things “kicking off” at the school gates again.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

WIN – Carbon Monoxide awareness week 24

Ages ago I wrote a post about Carbon Monoxide. Carbon Monoxide can commonly come in to the home via a faulty gas powered appliance, such as your boiler or kitchen hobs. The huge problem with CO is it is invisible, tasteless and invisible. The only way to detect it is with a Carbon Monoxide alarm, and that is the point of this post. I Have been offered a CO-9X FireAngel Carbon Monoxide alarm by Corgi Homeplan to give away to one of my readers as part of Carbon monoxide awareness week which ends today. For tips and advice on Carbon Monoxide safety please read here.   As it happens this is exactly the alarm I have. It’s easy to use and set up, the hardest part was drilling a hole for a screw to hang it on my kitchen wall. In the box was a very good instruction leaflet, and I remember […]

Carbon monoxide – invisible danger 2

Did you know there may be a silent killer in your home that can claim the life of your beloved pet without you even knowing it? Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas produced by heaters, boilers and cookers in the home. Most people know it can be fatally toxic to people, but did you know it is toxic for pets too? I personally had no idea that dogs or other pets would be in danger from carbon monoxide, and when I was in a home in the past that had a gas leak we left the dog asleep on the sofa whilst we went outside for fresh air and waited about half an hour for the house to become safer. No idea at all that was the wrong thing to do, and the first time I heard it mentioned was in an email I’ve copied below….

Life can change fast – First Aid 10

This evening I was washing up avoiding washing up in the kitchen and I heard a strange noise. For a split second I froze thinking of great the dog is throwing up again? Then it occurs to me she’s upstairs – it’s not the dog. RUN. I slam the dishwasher door shut and ran towards the noise. I didn’t know what that noise was, but was getting louder. It felt slow-mo. I was running and bending down at the same time, and Jen was running at me but wobbling. Then I notice he’s a dark colour on his face. What’s happening? Arrrggg! I shout “are you okay?” which was a bit daft. Before I finish that sentence I knew it was not a good situation, why did I ask that? View image |

Cycle safer on a budget 2

I know I don’t mention it on the blog as much as I used to, but I am a cyclist. Okay, I have a car now so cycle less but I still like my two wheels as a choice. I didn’t like having to cycle regardless of tiredness, weather, and lack of coinage for bus fare. When I cycle now it’s like a nice little explore not a mad dash to get somewhere fast, pulling a tailgator and a grumpy child. Whatever the reason you cycle you really can make a few safety improvements dirt cheap. Lights, high-viz kit, a basic bike tool set, a splash of oil for the chain, and a set of new brake blocks. These are all low cost, but some things really are worth the extra. HELMETS!