Daily archives: March 27, 2012

Wierd weather, Horizon on BBC

Well we all know its been good weather this week but I was talking about seasons the other day. Can we even say we have real seasons anymore? Hottest March since the 70’s, really snowy icy weather closing airports, and droughts… all happening close together I’d say. The weather is more extreme, by that I don’t mean we are due a blizzard or 2 year drought, or week long lightening storm. I mean its more intense when things do happen. Then this evening on BBC2 I watched Horizon – Global Weirding “weather weirding”, a phrase which made me cringe, but I was very interested despite this. It seems the sun has its own cycle, not just lunar cycles and the slightly irregular pattern earth spins to. Probably best you hit iPlayer than have me confuse you, but its well worth a watch. Http://bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01f893x

Even Rum and Raisin ice cream makes me ill

According to Australian doctors at Sydney city hospital I am allergic to alcohol. I agree with them, but can often eat things cooked with it, like fruit cakes with brandy soaked fruit, or spagetti bol made with a little red wine. I think its due to the cooking and evaporation. However rum and raisin ice cream gave me the nearly instant hangover effect, and all evening I thought I may vomit. I thought it was only rum Flavouring not actual rum! DOHH if you’re laughing reading this, stop that! Meanies. Note to self, just one more nice thing added to the list I can’t eat or drink.