Wet Dog, Wet Kid 6

As you might have heard on the news Englandshire is a bit damp and squishy. Rather than letting that stop our fun we used it to our advantage and I took Jen and Freya out puddle jumping. Jen didn’t want to go out, Freya was desperate for a wee but was refusing to go in the garden. Awkward! My solution “Jen I’ll let you get soaking and muddy if you let her exercise?” deal. He scampers off to find shoes, we both decided on wearing summery Crocs. It’s more sensible than it sounds… Crocs aren’t going to be damaged when submerged in puddles, and no socks to keep the cold muddy water on your skin. Yup we can totally blag wearing summer shoes in flooded fields and call it sensible. Shhhh stop disagreeing. 😉

The New Year Storm 2

Here in Gloucester the weather was special for the start of 2014, and the word that sums it up best is minging. Sideways rain, whistling wind and chilly. No major damage, and the pets are safe, although the hutches are very soggy. We thought we’d got away with just a nearly flooded garden, a water logged, muddy mess. Then the fence came down. We struggled to find somewhere open that had a similar panel in stock in the correct size. The internet revealed Wickes had some. Yay! Only a mile from home and just £19. We got the trailer on the car and all went out after a big cooked lunch. What could go wrong?

Its Raining, Its Pouring 2

At last, some sensible April weather.It has warmed up to a temperature where I’m no longer shivering. All day it’s been reasonably warm with anything between drizzle to heavy downpours. Occasionally actual sunshine was seen, great stuff. As a gardener I appreciate the wet weather, my rain water butts were almost empty and the beds were just dusty. Of course I’ve been watering my new trees but within an hour or so the top soil was dry as here we have not had rain in weeks. Today I wanted to get outside in my garden and plant my bulbs, but of course, it turned from very faint infrequent drizzle into real rain at the time I was going to get growing. Tomorrow, tomorrow I will turn over the top soil and bury those 70-ish bulbs I bought in Wilkinsons the other day. I’m still planning on having a mini fruit […]

Snowdrops and rain. Is it Spring now?

This morning on my way to take lads to school I noticed the flowers have opened. It’s a bit early for Spring isn’t it as was extremely cold over the last fortnight. I am amazed they’ve sprouted up but here it is… My muddy water logged garden is showing life. These aren’t just any old flowers they were bulbs taken from my grand parents garden after my Gramps died. Every year they come out I remember him. It’s years since he died, but he is still so much to me, my “Dad figure” as my real Dad didn’t want me. I’m so glad I said to Nan that I wanted to take some of Gramps’s bulbs. He was a keen gardener you see, so to me taking home some Snowdrops and Crocuses seemed right. My Nan had the garden ripped out and covered in gravel. She couldn’t bare to look […]

Snow has nearly gone 1

The snow is nearly all gone now, melted completely on paths and roads. Strangely it seems to have gotten colder rather than warmer. The boys say it’s not cold but it is! The thermometer on my phone agrees with me, not the children, that it is actually ruddy cold. A few nights this week I’ve slept with my jumper on in bed. Bbbrrr! I give up, I know it’s barely half past five but I think it’s pyjamas time. Please snow… Move along.

Snowballing Children 5

Just for the fun of it… Here was a snowball fight my lads had. No reason. They had walked home from school nicely with me and then when nearly home they got a touch feral. Ah well, it counts as exercise right? 😉

Bad weather expected..

So I’ve brought my bunny rabbit indoors incase we do get this snow. The wind was so cold I only lasted a few minutes outside before I was shivering. Good thing I did bring Patch indoors I guess. He’s bored and hot, but better than frozen. So he’s now in the indoor hutch I “wombled” recently. Yay for recycling. If any other bunny owners are reading, remember to cover the hutches or move bunny indoors…. I’d much rather Patch was bored off his head, than getting frost bite.

Wierd weather, Horizon on BBC

Well we all know its been good weather this week but I was talking about seasons the other day. Can we even say we have real seasons anymore? Hottest March since the 70’s, really snowy icy weather closing airports, and droughts… all happening close together I’d say. The weather is more extreme, by that I don’t mean we are due a blizzard or 2 year drought, or week long lightening storm. I mean its more intense when things do happen. Then this evening on BBC2 I watched Horizon – Global Weirding “weather weirding”, a phrase which made me cringe, but I was very interested despite this. It seems the sun has its own cycle, not just lunar cycles and the slightly irregular pattern earth spins to. Probably best you hit iPlayer than have me confuse you, but its well worth a watch. Http://