Wet Dog, Wet Kid 6

As you might have heard on the news Englandshire is a bit damp and squishy.
Rather than letting that stop our fun we used it to our advantage and I took Jen and Freya out puddle jumping. Jen didn’t want to go out, Freya was desperate for a wee but was refusing to go in the garden. Awkward!
My solution “Jen I’ll let you get soaking and muddy if you let her exercise?” deal. He scampers off to find shoes, we both decided on wearing summery Crocs. It’s more sensible than it sounds… Crocs aren’t going to be damaged when submerged in puddles, and no socks to keep the cold muddy water on your skin. Yup we can totally blag wearing summer shoes in flooded fields and call it sensible. Shhhh stop disagreeing. 😉


Doesn't look that wet? No YET!


Splish splash! The water was above his ankles in this puddle.


Why don't you jump about?


Thats better.


If you're already wet keep going

Although its unpredictable letting Freya off lead I wanted to see how she’d cope with the stodgey, squealchy ground. With ease apparently. She ran in her normal looney way round and round and round, you wouldn’t have thought it was slippery ground.
She ignored calls of her name, but if I bend down and put my arms out (imagine a small child doing an aeroplane impression) she runs at my at high speed and does a last meter side step to avoid me. She loved it!


Jen isn't much good at photography....


He tried again, I've got half a face this time.

I figure the weather can’t be changed. I could sulk about stormy, damp, waterlogged weather, or we could just go outside and make the most of it.
Flooded fields don’t have to be negative, they can be brilliant (supervised) fun. Impromptu playgrounds if you will. Stick on them wellies, or crocs if you’re hardcore puddle jumpers like Jen and I, and just embrace the weather.

I’m linking this to #CountryKids by CoombeMill.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Remember though, deep water or fast flowing water is dangerous. I don’t recommend being reckless.

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6 thoughts on “Wet Dog, Wet Kid

  • Coombemill

    A lovely post and so very Country Kids. We are stuck with the british weather as it is and as you so rightly say lets just make the most of it! Looks like Freya the dog is leading the way for some outdoor family fun for all, though investing in some welly boots might be a wise move!

  • Lauranne

    I took BD out for a muddy walk last night as I decided he needs a bath and so thought lets get him really muddy to make it worth while. Sounds like a good idea until you realise that I had to get a large collie up stairs which have a lovely cream carpet on them – oops!

    • JulieRoo Post author

      Our carpet is beige… I have Freya walk through a river to rinse off the worst of the paw print mud. Then after she’s clean and dry I’ll Vax the carpets if i need too.

    • JulieRoo Post author

      It is better than trashing DM purple boots. Would take days to dry them out. Crocs i just rinse and dry. Sometimes i Chuck them in the washing machine if really really muddy.