The New Year Storm 2

Here in Gloucester the weather was special for the start of 2014, and the word that sums it up best is minging. Sideways rain, whistling wind and chilly.

No major damage, and the pets are safe, although the hutches are very soggy. We thought we’d got away with just a nearly flooded garden, a water logged, muddy mess. Then the fence came down.


View from bedroom

We struggled to find somewhere open that had a similar panel in stock in the correct size. The internet revealed Wickes had some. Yay! Only a mile from home and just £19. We got the trailer on the car and all went out after a big cooked lunch. What could go wrong?

Yup, It did not fit in the trailer. Blokey went back into Wickes and bought a straping kit thingamy bob which cost £25. 25 big ones because the panel was 2cms to big the get in our trailer.
To be clear ours is a box trailer, like a mini horsebox with no windows. An open trailer, like a toy box on wheels would have been ok probably. But not ours!

As I type this Blokey is standing in the Pee’ing rain and storm trying to tie on the panel to the roof bars of the trailer.
I’m sure it will be funny in a few days, right now no ones laughing. We are all pretty damp.

We got about 50 feet away from Wickes before he got out and had to retie it. These things are like kites in the wind. So now we are driving along at little old lady speed… And its still trying to take off!

Eeeek! We need this to keep the fox out.


A lovely relaxing drive? New pants needed more like it.

This was very very hard to fit in gusts of wind.


What do you reckon?

At least the pets are safer again.

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