Daily archives: October 25, 2013

Dog Discrimination 13

As I’ve possibly mentioned a few times, Freya Woof comes home tomorrow. YAY! I think she’s adorable, gentle and friendly. The Kennel Clubs and pedigree Saluki breeders say she’s “unacceptable”. She can’t be a real Saluki as her colour is Brindle. Ohh whoa is me, my woofers is a non-permitted colour, banned by kennel clubs across the globe. *sarcastic face* Dog Worlds post on this. The UK Kennel club. Northern Saluki Club, see third paragraph. The examiner have a good story on the Saluki controversy. On other dog sites I’ve read things about Saluki’s being culled murdered as puppies. 🙁

Winning Weekends (25-28 October) 4

Happy Friday compers and bloggers, Please linky up blog competitions below, they can be your own blog comps, or just ones you have seen online and thought “that’s awesome, but not for me”. Maybe a friend is having a blog giveaway/contest for wallpaper, but you’ve just decorated? Maybe it’s a “mummy” prize and you aren’t a parent? Could be you’ve seen an awesome prize for a pet, and you don’t have four legged friends? Linky it up 😉 I don’t really have rules for this but this is for UK competitions please, and I would very much appreciate if you filled in the title (name) box like this: “12/12 Win your favourite sweets – blogtitle” rather than “my friends awesomely named blog”. End dates are great because if it’s got a long date it might be worth adding to next weekends as well and it’s also good to know what […]