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As I’ve possibly mentioned a few times, Freya Woof comes home tomorrow. YAY!

I think she’s adorable, gentle and friendly. The Kennel Clubs and pedigree Saluki breeders say she’s “unacceptable”. She can’t be a real Saluki as her colour is Brindle. Ohh whoa is me, my woofers is a non-permitted colour, banned by kennel clubs across the globe. *sarcastic face*
Dog Worlds post on this. The UK Kennel club. Northern Saluki Club, see third paragraph. The examiner have a good story on the Saluki controversy. On other dog sites I’ve read things about Saluki’s being culled murdered as puppies. πŸ™

Freya the brindle and Dee

Well do you know what, I’ve not a clue if she’s pedigree and wouldn’t be joining any “show dog” clubs anyway. What I do care about is this….
She was discarded for her colour. Thrown out, abandoned, disowned. What makes this worse is I have found out about a male puppy in the same colouring, the banned brindle, was found stray and taken in by a charity in the same area in summer. Dogs trust estimate Freya is one year old. It’s highly probable that’s a sibling of hers!

Freya is badly underweight now, dangerously so when dogs trust took her in. She could have died, for being born the wrong colour! What is wrong with people? She has a soul, feelings, a personality and is alive. She is not junk. She is not an object.

Luckily she was found in time, and even better I’m not bothered about her colour. HOW can “breeders” kill or abandon a dog like this? Put it up for adoption instead, free ads, a postcard in a shop window. Anything else. How pathetic a human her ex owner must be. I’m livid about it. That you’d put a pair of puppies out alone to die. My Freya has mental issues because of this, I hope I never meet you ex-owner (for your own safety), the disgust and anger I feel towards you cannot be expressed in words alone.

Freya now has a family that love her. And we resent doggy racism so much. It’s as bad as abandoning a child for being Ginger. (Nothing against ginger whatsoever, it’s just my example as ginger is generally uncommon in people, as is Brindle in Saluki)
I DESPISE ANIMAL CRUELTY, but this takes the bone-shaped biscuit.

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13 thoughts on “Dog Discrimination

  • Mummy Barrow

    All these kennel clubs seem cruel to me. They lay down laws that mean dogs get discriminated against. And possibly then destroyed when a breeder finds the dog doesnt comply.


    PS she is gorgeous

  • Luci - Mother.Wife.Me

    Wincing slightly at the ginger remark being possessed of the redhead gene myself, but I get what you mean!! I think it’s appalling that anyone would abandon a dog, whatever the reason. I’ve always found it awful how greyhounds end up on the slagheap of life once they’re no longer useful too. So lovely that Freya now has a good home. #RantyFriday

    • JulieRoo Post author

      I know theres a posh word for it that I just can’t remember. I learnt about it in science as a teen, but exactly the same parents could have 10 kids and 9 of them have the same colouring as the parents, and 1 would be redhead. It’s an usual colour genetically as it can follow family lines, like Scottish clans or it can be totally unexpected and a bit random. I think Brindle colour in dogs behaves the same. Glad you understood, but sorry to make you wince Luci.

  • Karen

    That’s so sad. As the owner of a cat who is part Persian, who was pretty much dumped in a shed, after she was born, and given away at six weeks (with her siblings) because she is not a pure breed cat (her Mum was in season and escaped and got frisky with a local Tom, my Layla and her brothers were the result) and they couldn’t make any money from her I am suitably horrified. It’s so appalling that this stuff is allowed. πŸ™ Your doggie looks lovely and I am glad she is loved no matter what her fur colour is! πŸ™‚

  • Donna

    So sad that there’s ANY situation when a living being is killed/rejected/abandoned for not living up to a perception of perfect. So glad Freya has a loving family to take care of her x

    • JulieRoo Post author

      I know, all colour discrimination is bad, for people and animals. Just had to let off steam about this Brindle Saluki discrimination as it had upset me personally. Thanks for commenting. πŸ™‚

  • Jo Bryan

    I have to say a brindle Saluki has sod all to do with anything, excuse my sod all, it just makes me mad when appearance dictates. Its vain, ignorant and you have proved a brindle saluki is beautiful

    • JulieRoo Post author

      Indeed. As you can tell it annoys me. As I type I have this “banned” dog asking me for ear tickles. Despite being hurt so much she is overflowing with love.