Daily archives: October 29, 2015

Christmas at Coombe Mill? 1

I’ve wanted to go to Coombe Mill for a long time. I’m in love with the idea of going back to Cornwall and feeling happy, to reclaim my childhood and own it. I love how inviting Coombe Mill are, and how Fiona and Nick are amazingly busy all the time but I’ve never read a bad review. I’d love being in a cosy cottage or lovely lodge, surrounded by the sound of a farm again. I never was a farmer but growing up in Cornwall you were never far from sheep and chickens or the sound of a tractor. I’d love to hug all of their bunnies and farm critters, I’d like to sit outside in the middle of the night with my boys and my telescope and search for Santa in the stars. We could have proper Cornish family fun… a drive to the coast for a boxing day […]

Weight loss woes

Earlier this year I was doing well regarding fitness and weight loss. Then my sleeping issues got harder to deal with, and my exercise levels dropped right off as I am sleeping more hours per day than I’d like. With my Fitbit I can keep an eye on things like weight, daily activity (steps), body fat percentage and sleep. I mean well, I intend to move more and stay active but instead I am fighting sleep. I need an edge, a bit of an advantage or a cheat. That little cheat is XLS-MEDICAL Max Strength which you might have seen adverts for. It’s not a miracle cure, it won’t make me thin by magic. What it does is reduce the amount of bad things my body takes in each day.