Christmas at Coombe Mill? 1

I’ve wanted to go to Coombe Mill for a long time. I’m in love with the idea of going back to Cornwall and feeling happy, to reclaim my childhood and own it. I love how inviting Coombe Mill are, and how Fiona and Nick are amazingly busy all the time but I’ve never read a bad review.

animals and plants

I’d love being in a cosy cottage or lovely lodge, surrounded by the sound of a farm again. I never was a farmer but growing up in Cornwall you were never far from sheep and chickens or the sound of a tractor. I’d love to hug all of their bunnies and farm critters, I’d like to sit outside in the middle of the night with my boys and my telescope and search for Santa in the stars.

family time

We could have proper Cornish family fun… a drive to the coast for a boxing day swim. It was practically traditional in Penwith, honest.

my kids aren't strangers to water

My boys might have grown up in a city, but you can’t take the county out of me. We’ve got rabbits and chickens, we go camping and I still climb trees. The kids just stare at me with a face that says is she mental? Sorry kids…. but I don’t plan on growing up. I’ve tried hard to not let them be too “city” and they are at home near the sea or lakes.

we aren't fabulous at decor but we try

We try hard to do the “magic of Christmas” and tell them about Santa and elves but they just don’t believe us anymore. I think Coombe Mill would give them that magic for once – neither Blokey or myself know how to do a really grand traditional Christmas…. teach us please?


Now it’s Blokey’s turn. He’s not writen for my blog before but I showed him the competition page! Here goes…

Christmas is a time for family, which is something we don’t get a lot of time to do due to work and school commitments.  When we are all together we have such little time that it quickly evaporates with daily things like cooking, cleaning and shopping.  Very often one or more of us will end up feeling like we haven’t been able to do the things that we wanted to do due to all the time being used up by other things.


Having the chance to spend Christmas in a lodge away from home would be ideal.  There would be none of the distractions of the endless housework that needs to be done.  None of the distractions of the internet and being on call for work.  We could spend time walking around the farm, seeing the animals. We could go out to a pub or restaurant for dinner and socialise with other people, the kids may even make friends with other people.  Alternatively we could just spend time together as a family playing games that don’t need the internet.  We could even take the monopoly board with us.  You never know, if it snowed, we could make a family of snowmen or just revert to a good old fashioned snowball fight.  Dibs on me putting snowballs in the freezer to lob at you in the summer when it’s hot (well warm, this is the UK after all).


Overall, It would be a chance to unwind, without having to worry about pitching the tent, or having Julie complain at me about how cold it is under canvas.  I might even be able to have a drink as I would not need to worry about having to drive home.

Fingers crossed!
jingle bells…. batman smells… 😉

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