Hoorah for all this rain 1

My garden is growing, alas the weeds are doing the best. We have rubbishy heavy clay soil, and despite binning the worst bits and replacing with homemade compost we still struggle to grow much more than dandelions. Each year I plant more bulbs, nothing exciting, daffodils etc. I also have the show drops and crocus bulbs I took from grandads garden after he died 7 years ago, I’ve never bought more of those, I like to know something of Gramps lives on. Every spring I will smile and remember gardening with my Gramps, and it encourages me to get a move on and get things growing. But after all this rain my strawberry plants that were limp and almost dead are now perky and standing up clear of the ground, I even spotted a few flowers on one. I love strawberries, really hope I get a good crop. We start […]

Spring is here, let the gardening commence

Yesterday and today I’ve been gardening, much to the disgust of my rabbit Patch, as he knows that means he can’t wander wherever he wants in the garden any more. It’s run only or supervising him from now until end of veggie season. I’ve dug over the veg bed, chopped a few stray branches on the redcurrant bush and turned the compost bins at the top. I’ve planted out some seeds for French beans and runner beans, peas, carrots and cabbages. Also tied up some branches on the cherry tree as they were sticking out at eye level.