Daily archives: March 10, 2012

Is he a teenager early, or am I going mental?

Today D has been really rather rude with me, J and Daddy. I lost count of the number of naughty steps, we are talking double figures though. Every time he communicates he has an evil/sarcastic voice and an attitude to match. I need help, I need time off. I hide from him! I just feel like a failure, whatever I do or say it ends badly. The last time I had time off was in November when I went to Australia…. so naughty no one will babysit. Ironically I’m babysitting the niece and nephew right now. We are all sofa now, they are all laughing so hard at classic muppets on dvd, its dead sweet actually.

Spring is here, let the gardening commence

Yesterday and today I’ve been gardening, much to the disgust of my rabbit Patch, as he knows that means he can’t wander wherever he wants in the garden any more. It’s run only or supervising him from now until end of veggie season. I’ve dug over the veg bed, chopped a few stray branches on the redcurrant bush and turned the compost bins at the top. I’ve planted out some seeds for French beans and runner beans, peas, carrots and cabbages. Also tied up some branches on the cherry tree as they were sticking out at eye level.