It’s Over #MySundayPhoto 15

I’ve spent the last few days syringe feeding Maggie but its over. I tried dear Maggie, I’m sorry you couldn’t pull through. I let Bart and Mo, her hutch buddies, see her and say bye. Bart sniffed at her then tried putting his nose to hers, I guess he was checking for breathing. Mo looked sad, hopped past her and turned round so he was facing the same way Maggie’s body was, and laid down with her. That broke the tears out. He took about 1 minute, maybe an effort to warm her up? Then sulked off to his bedroom. I pick her up in her tea towel shroud and kiss her head and stroke her a final time. Good night my Maggie, just as the sun sets, good night Maggie Moo.

Worried For Maggie 5

My little cutey with the attitude, Maggie rabbit, is ill. 50/50 chance ill. When I bought her for a tenner it felt like a rehome/rescue. She was living with a breeder who proudly said what a good mother Maggie was, and how I could get “decent money if you breed her.” Of course I wanted her to retire her immediately. The poor little bun was terrified of the people she was with and hated the male rabbits she was in tiny hutches next to.

The Tale of Benjamin Bunny 2

Today after the school run I went to Coop to buy milk and bread. On my way back things got a little weird. Near school a mum is walking towards me with a large white and black rabbit, with papillon markings. He was adorable but was obvious this lady was clearly not known to the bunny, you could see this on his face. Calm and friendly but not at home. I stop her and ask is bunny lost. I was concerned for a moment might have been my Patch rabbit as he was the right size, age and markings on him were almost identical to Patch. I realised it wasn’t him, not enough white on his nose triangle, phew! My boy wasn’t in danger. 🙂 The other mum asks me what I know about this bunny and I explain nothing but I was just concerned for him.The lady keeps talking. […]

Snowy Pet Photos 1

Well it’s snowing outside and it’s currently circling and swirling in the wind. This blizzard that’s predicted might actually happen. Sadly the boys school was one of just two primary schools that didn’t close. Just waiting for the “please pick children up early” text message now. It’s pretty likely as I noticed several teachers were missing. The boys were disappointed. Anyway, cute animals in the snow photos time! Frozen chickens and a chilly bunny. Cute bunny, he’s put himself in chicken run, he is actually free range today.

Tikka And Fajita Are Pushing Their Luck… 1

The chickens and the less than friendly bunny have had lots of time to get acquainted but only this week have they been allowed free range at the same time. Until now the bunny has been free in the evening and night times, and the chicks have been loose by daylight. They’ve been giving it a bit of attitude through the cage wire. It’s weird that now I’m letting them loose at the same time there have been no major fights and no blood shed whatsoever! If you knew Patch rabbit you would realise this is shocking. 😛 Ignoring the mess that my garden is in I think these photos are pretty cute. Patch rabbit is Letting the girls steal his food. Almost ignoring it. Awww the cute bunny is mellowing in his old age. He’s watching the chickens closely but resisted the urge to run and steal his food […]

Spring is here, let the gardening commence

Yesterday and today I’ve been gardening, much to the disgust of my rabbit Patch, as he knows that means he can’t wander wherever he wants in the garden any more. It’s run only or supervising him from now until end of veggie season. I’ve dug over the veg bed, chopped a few stray branches on the redcurrant bush and turned the compost bins at the top. I’ve planted out some seeds for French beans and runner beans, peas, carrots and cabbages. Also tied up some branches on the cherry tree as they were sticking out at eye level.

DIY costs more than buying ready made 1

The above bunny run took several days effort, first pack of wood was naff, then we found our wire was rusty so it took from good Friday until yesterday, 5 days!! eek. The cost of wood, wire mesh, wood varnish and nails came to £55 and you can buy runs for £45 upwards. Dohh. Still, my bunnies finally can stretch their legs. I have not been able to let them out as they have been destroying my veggies, not good. My other half said He would be cooking the rabbits if he had no vegetables left to cook. :-/