Daily archives: April 28, 2011

DIY costs more than buying ready made 1

The above bunny run took several days effort, first pack of wood was naff, then we found our wire was rusty so it took from good Friday until yesterday, 5 days!! eek. The cost of wood, wire mesh, wood varnish and nails came to £55 and you can buy runs for £45 upwards. Dohh. Still, my bunnies finally can stretch their legs. I have not been able to let them out as they have been destroying my veggies, not good. My other half said He would be cooking the rabbits if he had no vegetables left to cook. :-/

Biggest audidence in tv history…

Hello readers, I don’t know about you but I’m so bored of hearing the words “Royal Wedding” all the time. Surely something else must have happened in the last fortnight??? Its all bank holidays and bunting. Am I the only one bored to tears? I’m just “going along” with other people as its easier than arguing with them, but I do think its a lot of money and hype. And all those tatty royal wedding tea towels and mugs! Nothing against either of them, but just the hype. When will the hype drop off?