London Toy Fair

Today and yesterday I’ve been in the city, at Kensington Olympia for Toy Fair. This is a massive exhibition of toy brands and promoters, if you are a toy geek this might be heaven. Lego, Knex, Playmobil, Microscooters, Popples, Nerf, Care bears, Danger Mouse, Minions, tons of teddies and toy cars, . It’s all here. I’ve had some nice chats, and nearly nodded off in the press room. Note to self Do Not Sit Down when you are busy, it always makes me super sleepy. This is a bit like window shopping in a massive toy shop, you can’t buy things from most of the stands, the items are display toys – and you are encouraged to touch and try things out. I have found myself talking about toys I didn’t even know existed until this weekend, and fiddling with some toys I had previously dismissed as “not very good” […]

Tiny Me – Yay 12

Last night I went to dinner with Ionela and Ben from Tiny Me and a few other lovely bloggers. Tiny Me sell personalised items like name labels, lunch bags, wooden puzzles, wall decoration stickers, and calendars. The idea is you make a “Tiny Me” or computerised avatar of your child, then use this image on your personal items. You choose either an avatar or a theme like cars or wildlife, then colour options and the total combinations possible comes to millions according to Ben. I’ve not counted, but just bags have 11 styles, several fabric colours, thousands of possible avatars, or quite a few themes instead, and then you can still add any name, and change the background colours in the logo. My head hurts trying to guess wether the exact same combinations have ever been ordered by separate costumers.

Thinking of Boston

Awful news this evening, plain awful. I don’t understand why people do these evil things. I can not sleep, although I don’t know anyone in Boston I just can’t stop thinking. What can I say except this…? So many hurt, over 100 from the news reports. It’s tragic, but The good outnumber the bad, and we always will.All the people that ran towards the danger, you are heroes, and those runners that kept on running to the hospital to give blood, you guys are awesome. It hurt reading that one of the 3 confirmed dead, was a young boy, just 8 years old. He was by the line as his Dad had been running, I don’t know about his Dad, but the news just said his Mum and Sister are critical condition at the hospital. Its awful. My response? Random kindness. Lets all be nice to strangers!  Smile at people.

Gloucester City Residents weekend

I thought I would write a little something about Residents weekend. I saw a leaflet for this by chance, and after a bit of reading it seems that lots of Cities do this. Basically a few of the local “Sights” will open for free or reduced prices to local people in Gloucester on the 11th and 12th of Feb. This is great for me, as I only moved here a few years ago, and really know very little about the place I live! After a little look through the leaflet with my boys they had decided that of the attractions the light-ship sounded good, and so I have gone into the tourist information center with my proof of residency and got a “pass” for our family for the weekend. The idea of a light house on a boat is intriguing to me, but after reading up on it, it sounds like a hippy […]

Biggest audidence in tv history…

Hello readers, I don’t know about you but I’m so bored of hearing the words “Royal Wedding” all the time. Surely something else must have happened in the last fortnight??? Its all bank holidays and bunting. Am I the only one bored to tears? I’m just “going along” with other people as its easier than arguing with them, but I do think its a lot of money and hype. And all those tatty royal wedding tea towels and mugs! Nothing against either of them, but just the hype. When will the hype drop off?