Blogging buddies 2

Today I am another blogger conference, yes I know non-blogger readers might not be interested, but I’m still writing it. These two, Mel and Lucy are fun to be with. I talk to them often, and not just blogging stuff. Real life and family, gossip and current affairs. Making friends online is so less scary than making friends down the pub ever was. You see us bloggers, we overshare our personal lives and our feelings. You know before you ever meet them in person if you’ll get on.

New year competition – Win 111

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015 – no matter if your 2014 was good and full of fun or perhaps held some memories you would like to forget; myself and some very lovely bloggers have teamed up to get your 2015 off to a great start. But before we get onto the fantastic prize on offer lets meet the team: Tina – Trials and Tribulations of a Brummy Mummy Julie – Julie’s Notebook Bex – Futures Laura – Petit Moi – Big World Sarah – Life in a Break Down UK Bloggers

Lego hunting! 8

Earlier this week a dear blogger buddy wrote on social media she had forgotten to buy her son his normal advent calendar. This wouldn’t sound a problem to most parents but I realised my friend was rather upset and I was determined to get a Lego Star Wars advent calendar to her son somehow! View image | I had been trying every website I knew, both for instore and online stocks. All sold out. I wanted to give up as I felt I might not be able to sort this…. But I am far too stubborn to quit. I phoned my local radio station and explained that Lynn’s son was really upset, and I really wanted their help. My plan was to ask the local people to hand one in – maybe there was one in a small independent toy shop that I had never heard of? Maybe there […]

My first time at #WTM 1

If you don’t know what #WTM means it’s world travel market. A large event at London ExCel all about travel, with travel agents, airlines, tourist boards, PR folk, press and bloggers. Going in alone was very daunting, it is a truly massive building. I signed in as press and that was it. On my own, no map, wasn’t told (or advised) where to go. I wasn’t aware having the Press pass meant free tea or coffee, nor did I know there is a press room to sit in for a little rest. Nope, I knew none of this, nor where the meeting rooms were. It’s a shame I learnt all that at leaving time rather than on the way in. Anyhow why did I go there? I am not a travel blogger, I am just another mother that blogs right? Wrong! I have worked in travel, well the add on jobs […]

What I’ve learned at blogcamp (#BCUK) 16

Today I went to Birmingham to chat and have coffee with bloggers learn things. If you’re a blogger and have no idea what blogcamp is, it’s a free bloggers event thingamywhatsit organised by those lovely Tots100 folk. The day centers around coffee, cake and cookies talking sessions such as how to properly use your SLR camera and how to collaborate with other bloggers more successfully. I zoned in on the “travel blogger” focused sessions as I really would love to travel more. I did not swat-up on who was talking, which brands were sponsoring the event (Show Room and Cow and Gate)  or ask loads of bloggers who was and wasn’t planning on coming.

Project #BodyUNashamed 2

In the media recently (well always actually) there seems to be a lot of “body shaming” going on. Oh no have you seen such and such still has a baby tummy and she’s got a two month old baby? Oh no have you seen so and so’s selfie on the internet, they had two chins? That kind of thing. Well it’s not nice, not big and not clever. Penny from Lillies and Love blog tweeted for support for a campaign against this sort of thing. She is calling it #BodyUNashamed. Can you see three things beautiful in yourself? Gemma from Sunshine blog found three things to say about me and I’ve been asked to write about Sara.

Panasonic bloggers event at The Drawing Room 15

On Monday I went to London to meet Panasonic and two other bloggers to help them launch their new beauty range. Sabina from Deep in Mummy matters and Emma from Bloomzy. We met up at The Drawing Room salon. It’s a newish salon, but looks very old. Instead of modern furniture and stainless steel everywhere it was stone and wood and tiles. Very Georgian. The whole place felt antiquey – seriously check out Sabina’s post (linked above) for amazing photos of the venue. We had our hair washed and blow dried. My hair is thick and full, and well, awkward. It never behaves as it should, and takes quite some work to style. The lovely men of The Drawing Room worked together on my hair – one armed with the shiny new Nanoe Panasonic hairdryer and a round brush I had hoped wall fall in to my handbag, whilst the other […]

Blog takeover : Adventures of Adam 1

Today I have a brilliantly written post from Adventures of Adam. It is all about HG or Hyperemesis Gravidarum, I am happy to report I never had this with my sons pregnancies, although I did have bad morning sickness both times. If you are suffering from HG then pop over to the blog for a bit of understanding and some great activities you can do with kids without feeling worse. Without further ado, all of the following is written by Adventures of Adam. (Not me)   Finding the positives from a negative situation. I had never heard of Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) until I was 7 weeks pregnant and unable to function. I was vomiting 20-40 times a day and neither fluids nor solids would stay in. Even the mention of food made me vomit. HG is such a debilitating and all consuming condition that robbed me of everything during my […]