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Earlier this week a dear blogger buddy wrote on social media she had forgotten to buy her son his normal advent calendar. This wouldn’t sound a problem to most parents but I realised my friend was rather upset and I was determined to get a Lego Star Wars advent calendar to her son somehow!

I had been trying every website I knew, both for instore and online stocks. All sold out. I wanted to give up as I felt I might not be able to sort this…. But I am far too stubborn to quit. I phoned my local radio station and explained that Lynn’s son was really upset, and I really wanted their help. My plan was to ask the local people to hand one in – maybe there was one in a small independent toy shop that I had never heard of? Maybe there was a “write off” in a retailers stock room due to a damaged box?

It was the only thing I could think of, but the radio station wanted me on-air…..
Listen to what happened here.

Then they phone Lynn, poor lass, this probably wasn’t how she saw a frustrated tweet about Lego stock levels turning out that morning.

Look away now if you haven’t heard the radio clip yet, you don’t want to spoil the ending.

the Lego calendar

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