What makes a good jewellery heirloom?

For me, antique jewellery is something I’ve aspired to owning. I always hoped that things would get handed down through the family, but I only have the one hand-me-down. My Nan’s engagement ring. It is basic, and my Granddad used to joke about how cheap it was, and that the wedding ring got thrown in free. It’s not worth much on paper, understated and plain, but to me it is priceless. It’s the story, the love in this ring – truly irreplaceable. #Ad – this post is for Carus Jewellery. The words and opinions are mine, the images are by Carus jewellery. The jewellery I remember older relatives wearing was bold. It was huge, twinkly and eye catching. I love retro clothing, so antique jewellery would be so me. A big petticoated 50s swing dresses, with nylons and a massive chunky bit of garnet jewellery. Nice! Almost everything my Nan […]

A flower

Fancy a Magnitone? – WIN 53

Summer is apparently on the way, which for me means way more time outdoors. My skin isn’t fabulous at the best of times, so the change of season brings a slight routine change. Repairing type moisturiser at bed time, my usual teenager-type face scrub in the morning shower, and I apply a thin layer of lotion to my face and neck with sunscreen in as I leave the house. I still get “sunface” but hey,  at least I tried. Get your skin gorgeous for summer by winning yourself a Magnitone!

The Panasonic Nanoe hairdryer – review 6

I want to write a two word review for this. Flipping awesome. I suppose I have to wrote a little more don’t I? Okay, okay. It looks good, matt black with pink attachments.  It comes with a diffusion head too, but I can’t find mine right now. After this dryer arrived I did think “right I’m going to use cheap tat hair products to make sure I give this dryer a tricky test”. Value shampoo and no conditioner – but I dried my hair with the Panasonic Nanoe and you would have thought that I had used salon priced bubbles. My hair felt soft and straight. I don’t mean full of static either. It wasn’t poker straight but I have hardly touched my straighteners since I was sent this hairdryer.

Aveeno skin care – review 2

A little while back the boys and I received a little parcel of goodies. Aveeno body lotion, cream, bath oil, and a book for the lads. Ellie & Eddie is a book about a young girl and her pet gecko. Scaly lizardlike skin is something I know about. I have had bad skin since I was small and have memories of bathing in nasty oil prescribed by doctors. It was so heavy, slimey and felt as though I had been dunked in a vat of warm lard. I remember the smell, and I remember falling over like a duckling on a frozen pond when trying to get out of the bath.

Goddess eyeliner by Eye of Horus – review 4

Following on from reviewing Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara* I was asked if I’d like to try out the Eye of Horus Goddess pencils. Yes, yes please. Firstly so you can see the colours clearly, here they are on my hand. The pencils are 2 in 1, either eyeliner, or eye shadow.  You just smudge newly drawn lines immediately using the special smudger at the other end of the pencil, it is similar to a sponge eye shadow applicator but notably without that nasty sharp bit of plastic they have. These liners go on like normal kohl pencils but after about 1 minute is very hard to smudge, wipe away or blur. Panda eyes? Only if you do it on purpose!

Project #BodyUNashamed 2

In the media recently (well always actually) there seems to be a lot of “body shaming” going on. Oh no have you seen such and such still has a baby tummy and she’s got a two month old baby? Oh no have you seen so and so’s selfie on the internet, they had two chins? That kind of thing. Well it’s not nice, not big and not clever. Penny from Lillies and Love blog tweeted for support for a campaign against this sort of thing. She is calling it #BodyUNashamed. Can you see three things beautiful in yourself? Gemma from Sunshine blog found three things to say about me and I’ve been asked to write about Sara.

Panasonic ES-ED90 epilator – Review 5

You might remember back in the summer I was invited to London to meet Panasonic? Yes? Good stuff, well as one of their “Brit Bloggers” I was sent a product to review, and it was a product I really wanted. It’s an epilator, but more than that because it is for use wet or dry and has different heads that change its use. It has a double headed epilator, and that has a “cap” you can put over to reduce the number of tweezers that can touch your body. There is a massive 48 tweezers if using it without that cap, so pop the cap on on the first try! It also has a narrower head meant for underarms and the bikini area, less ouchies in sensitive areas. The official Panasonic page is here – Panasonic ES-ED90.

Carex fun editions 2

Last week this parcel arrived, very clever I thought as it meant I could check that the products do smell like the sweets. Yup, indeed they do. These are Carex Fun Editions. As you probably have heard before, Carex products kill 99.9% of bacteria. I always have a little bottle of hand sanitizer gel in my hand bag or pocket when walking the dog (for obvious reasons) and I had just run out of a supermarket own brand that was in my handbag. Strangely my boys think this strawberry lace scented gel smells nasty, but they are wrong, I say its nice and of course as the Mother I win. The liquid soap is bubble gum scented and oh my word it is divine. It’s like jumping into the Inventing Room in Willy Wonka’s factory. DO NOT drink this soap, it smells much much more edible than it actually is. […]

Panasonic bloggers event at The Drawing Room 15

On Monday I went to London to meet Panasonic and two other bloggers to help them launch their new beauty range. Sabina from Deep in Mummy matters and Emma from Bloomzy. We met up at The Drawing Room salon. It’s a newish salon, but looks very old. Instead of modern furniture and stainless steel everywhere it was stone and wood and tiles. Very Georgian. The whole place felt antiquey – seriously check out Sabina’s post (linked above) for amazing photos of the venue. We had our hair washed and blow dried. My hair is thick and full, and well, awkward. It never behaves as it should, and takes quite some work to style. The lovely men of The Drawing Room worked together on my hair – one armed with the shiny new Nanoe Panasonic hairdryer and a round brush I had hoped wall fall in to my handbag, whilst the other […]

Primark and Body Shop haul 1

It was my birthday recently and I had £30 to spend. I knew I wanted decent foundations as my bare faced reflection makes me cringe. I had been using MAC face and body, but it doesn’t cover enough for me. I did great at Body Shop! £53.50 shelf label value, I actually paid £23.35 after some discount stacking. I am also expecting a 93pence refund via TopCashBack* so £22.28 really paid. I practically robbed them, legally mind!

Footner exfoliating socks – Review 5

Recently I tried out Footner. Its a product I had never heard of that is meant to remove hard skin from your feet. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and it is a weird looking item for sure. They are a sort of plastic trainer-sock shape, with a lining soaked in a strong smelling liquid/gel. The smell isn’t bad but it is a bit chemically.