The Panasonic Nanoe hairdryer – review 6

I want to write a two word review for this.
Flipping awesome.
I suppose I have to wrote a little more don’t I? Okay, okay.


The best dryer I've had

It looks good, matt black with pink attachments.  It comes with a diffusion head too, but I can’t find mine right now.
After this dryer arrived I did think “right I’m going to use cheap tat hair products to make sure I give this dryer a tricky test”. Value shampoo and no conditioner – but I dried my hair with the Panasonic Nanoe and you would have thought that I had used salon priced bubbles. My hair felt soft and straight. I don’t mean full of static either. It wasn’t poker straight but I have hardly touched my straighteners since I was sent this hairdryer.

straight hair

I swear I did not touch my straighteners!

It’s that good. Really.

without the dryer

My hair without the dryer

messy hair

It is not easy to photograph yourself using a dryer


The Panasonic Nanoe in action.

A great thing about this hairdryer is it is so much quieter than my previous dryer, which went straight on Freecycle after my lovely new one came.  I am now a hair snob…. like how some people only use certain brands, I only want this one. It is so quiet in fact that it doesn’t scare Freya Woof away. She used to run as fast as possible from my old one but now she stays curled up in my pillows as I sit on my bed and dry my mop wig hair after a shower.

Thanks Panasonic,  did I mention that I love this? It costs £110 and is available at I know, it’s pricey but I’d say worth it. If buying at Boots remember to use your points card.

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Disclosure : The dryer was sent to me for the purpose of this review. My words are my own opinions.

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