Carpet is laid 2

It’s a shame I had to get so angry to get things sorted out. But here is the carpet, where it should be. The right one!


My dogs immediately started mucking about after the carpet was down. It’s a good job they like each other because my word they get hyper.




We went higher thanks to friends online who told me where to find the management and their contact details. I have the CEOs email address now but we went as high as Regional management. That worked!

A proper sincere apology, not scripted. A £125 refund, and they will be coming out (from a different store) to measure up my stairs. He mentioned that depending on the size of the stairs they’d “see what they can do” about the landing/upstairs hall too. I’m unsure if this means free, or not. But I am much happier with this solution than the “10% and that’s us being nice” that we had before.

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2 thoughts on “Carpet is laid

  • Lauranne

    IT reflects very poorly on this company that you had to take it higher. I know when I was almost a year into trying to switch gas and electric supplier (cause they were both bloody incompetent) I ended up threatening the ombudsmen and even a letter to the David Cameron (it was about the time he was waffling on about making it easier for people to change suppliers) it was only when I made this threat (which wasn’t an empty threat I might add) things started to change