A summery Halloween 7

Today was a really warm day – 22°c. It is not what you expect on Halloween really, I am used to freezing my behind off trick or treating.
Today was lovely though. There was a Halloween themed family fun day up the hill so I took the boys and the woofer out for a drive.


Badge making and pumpkin carving.

We had a go at some crafts first. The boys made badges and carved pumpkins. The boys had fun with the pumpkins, but made me do the gross bit of hollowing out the stringy bits and seeds. It feels so slimey and nasty. 


Running up and down the hill.

The great thing about a day out on the hill is the open space. The boys were charging about. They soon realised though that running flat out on a hot and breeze free day, in a fleece onesie, might be a bad idea.


My skeletons.

The main photo is great. My boys in matching skeleton onesies.
Then you see D moaning about the magician being “a bit lame”. Jen found a very fluffy guinea pig to hug, just like me he loves the little pets.


Freya the witch.

In case you were wondering about Freya, here she is! Her little outfit made a lot of children and some grown ups smile. As regulars to this blog know, she is family not just a pet so I had her join in with things too. When the playground area got less busy I even took her on the slide with me. She kept watching D and Jen do it and she looked intrigued. So I sat down and put her on my lap. Children I didn’t know were laughing at me and D said “nice one Mum, you look like a flipping psychopath going down a slide with a fancy dressed dog!” I wasn’t allowed a second go, my boys insisted I am too embarrassing.


Pumpkins outside and treat bag ready.

So then it was home time. The pumpkins they did went on the grass by the front door and I sorted out the unlucky dip bag. A black cotton bag with sweets, dried fruit, gross rubber body parts, chopped celery and brussel sprouts. I wanted to trick and treat the local kids. Just giving out bagged sweets at every house is dull. I laughed a bit when I heard a teenager say to D “why have you given me a sprout? I hate them!” That was the point exactly, sorry Mr Teen.

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