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If you proposed this Valentines or leap year it might be worth you popping along to the Hallmark hotel Gloucester. They are having a big open evening on March 10th between 6 and 8pm, that’s right, this Thursday.

They will have their main wedding rooms set up so you can see what they are offering for those of you getting hitched. The good thing about the Gloucester Hallmark hotel is that it is licensed to have the wedding ceremony – you can do everything in one venue. The wedding itself, the reception, the meals, the discos. Your guests could stay in the hotel if they are too tipsy or tired to go home, and you could relax in the pool and sauna the day before if you wanted.

Hallmark Gloucester

The Merlot wedding room

I’ve been to Hallmark Gloucester a couple of times, I went there with Blokey a little while back for a “spa day” which to him meant gym time. The facilities were good, but I hate exercise. I wasn’t impressed with being offered a “spa day” by Blokey but when I arrived there discovering he wanted me on treadmills and such. NO, just No! He meant a “gym day near a spa”. The facilities weren’t the problem, it was the expectation that I was going to get a relaxing day with people waiting on me. I was thinking more like face masks with cucumbers balanced over my eyelids than pushing weights or cycling, and I’d been looking forward to it for weeks. They do indeed have spa treatments available, manicures and even a steam room by the pool.

If you are interested more in spa and dinner than weddings then my friend Pink Oddy has writen about her experience of the Hallmark hotel Gloucester here.

Hallmark Gloucester

The VIP table.

It’s on Matson Lane,which is on Robinswood Hill in Gloucester. If you know the area this is near the dry ski slopes. Being on Robinswood there are some wonderful open spaces you could use for wedding photos (although a white dress might not cope with the mud). Just imagine being stood under a massive oak tree with a glorious sunset silhouetting your wedding dress. Near the car parking area at Robinswood there are some solid metal barbecue tables next to standard wooden picnic benches. Great if you are having a Summer wedding as you and your guests could pop up there one evening for some Al fresco dining. If you are coming to Gloucester you need to come to a Gloucester Rugby match if you can, and maybe a visit to Gloucester cathedral.



This is a very big prize! It is apparently over £100,000 worth shared between 27 couples which is about £3705 for each win. This is not just for the locals, there are 28 Hallmark Hotels across the UK. It’s only open for a few more days so get in there fast.

Disclosure : Hallmark have not asked me to write this, but the pictures are from Hallmark (except the pictures by which I made into a collage).

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