Daily archives: March 7, 2016

Zoflora versus dogs 2

As much as I love my dogs I hate what they do to our home. Last night Doris wanted outside at 3am, I let her out but she didn’t go. So a few minutes later she was crying again, so I stumbled back down stairs and let her in the garden, again she did nothing. So I wasn’t surprised this morning by “accidents” on the carpet by the back door. That’s where Zoflora comes in.

Update on Doris’ leg 5

Last week I discovered Doris had a lump. I spoke to the vets and got her looked at. She had a few visits, and I had a few phone calls with the vets for me. The last visit our vet told me that she has an uncommon condition – the lump is actually mainly calcium and bone based. As her x-ray shows, the lump got snapped away from her bone slightly, but it was solidly joined earlier in the week before investigation. My poor woofer, she didn’t seem in pain but it still can’t be too comfortable.

Getting hitched in Gloucestershire? 3

If you proposed this Valentines or leap year it might be worth you popping along to the Hallmark hotel Gloucester. They are having a big open evening on March 10th between 6 and 8pm, that’s right, this Thursday. They will have their main wedding rooms set up so you can see what they are offering for those of you getting hitched. The good thing about the Gloucester Hallmark hotel is that it is licensed to have the wedding ceremony – you can do everything in one venue. The wedding itself, the reception, the meals, the discos. Your guests could stay in the hotel if they are too tipsy or tired to go home, and you could relax in the pool and sauna the day before if you wanted.