Zoflora versus dogs 2

As much as I love my dogs I hate what they do to our home. Last night Doris wanted outside at 3am, I let her out but she didn’t go. So a few minutes later she was crying again, so I stumbled back down stairs and let her in the garden, again she did nothing.

So I wasn’t surprised this morning by “accidents” on the carpet by the back door. That’s where Zoflora comes in.


Twilight Garden scent.

You aren’t really meant to use Zoflora in a carpet washer but I have been doing it years now. I find that no carpet shampoos for these cleaners ever truly shift the stains that pets and kids cause. So I decided I’ll kill the germs instead – the box claims 99.9% of bacteria and viruses killed which is impressive. Home use machines never get much liquid back out of the carpet so, in my mind anyway, I think it’s good that the liquid I am adding to my floor is anti-bac and smells lovely.

It’s not a great subject to chat about, but pee smells. The problem with pee is mainly bacteria and it going “off” if it’s left there too long. I’ll Vax the floor the morning I notice a yellow patch, but I guess it only really gets half the liquid out. If you do it twice, you don’t see yellow liquid being drawn into the machine the second time. I tend to Vax just the marks in the morning, then the whole area again later.

My floor still has a noticeable brown area near the back down, but we do keep chickens and bunnies in the back garden. I can see that it is cleaner, but the water from the machine says it all.


Muddy mutts + pee + Zoflora in a Vax = Muddy puddle water.

Proper uses include mopping the floor, cleaning counters, sanitising hard pet areas like kennels, degermifying dishcloths and using as a multi purpose cleaner spray for odd jobs.

Vax would immediately void my warranty on reading this post, except I bought it too long ago, and that time I took it to pieces and rewired it as Freya had chewed the cable.

Disclosure : Zoflora sent me one bottle of Twilight Garden for this post. The photos and opinions are mine, as are the naughty dogs.

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2 thoughts on “Zoflora versus dogs

  • lauranne

    Poppy will occasionally forget that she is house trained, which annoys me sooo much. I spend my entire life paranoid my house will smell of wee. I am tempted to try Zoflora now

    • Julie Martin Post author

      The house still smells, just now it’s smells flowery. 😛
      Doris WON’T ask for garden after we are asleep, once the lights go off she’s afraid to disturb us. I swear I want ten minutes in a locked room with whoever abused her.