Zoflora versus dogs 2

As much as I love my dogs I hate what they do to our home. Last night Doris wanted outside at 3am, I let her out but she didn’t go. So a few minutes later she was crying again, so I stumbled back down stairs and let her in the garden, again she did nothing. So I wasn’t surprised this morning by “accidents” on the carpet by the back door. That’s where Zoflora comes in.


Tumble dryers or washing lines?

As the UK is currently having a heatwave this is going to sound like a bit of a random thing to be talking about. Laundry and the usual struggle to get things washed and dry in time, with a couple of kids in the house this feels like a never ending task.     Luckily I have a tumble dryer. I used to feel bad about “wasting power” drying things but if it’s raining and the kids need clean school clothes its got to be done really. We’ve had our old tumble a fair few years now, and last winter it died on us. I felt a bit lost and the mountain of wet clothing was getting out of control. At the time it broke down we couldn’t afford a new one, so we had to take it to a local electrician for a repair job. It functions again now, […]

Spring cleaning tips 5

1. Clean the washing machine. A dirty machine won’t wash clothes – sounds too obvious right?  I challenge you, pull out the soap draw and look at the bottom. I bet it’s covered in a mixture of old squiddey soap scum and mould. All the clean water goes into the machine via that – eww!   Get the soap draw into the sink for a scrub. Then once that’s clean put it back and put the machine on a hot programme without laundry in.  It’s best to use something like a few Calgon tablets, or a bottle of white vinegar instead of more laundry soap. Heck, sometimes I just use bleach. It will need a good rinse but if you can reduce the spin speed you might as well as it will only need a basic drain not a super fast spin as there won’t be fabrics in there. 

The kitchen hates me 1

Just lately it seems everything electronic in our house is on the blink. The washing machine, the tumble dryer, the dishwasher, and a light in the kitchen as well. You would think my kitchen is haunted or something! The tumble dryer made squeaky noises,  then a banging noise and then died.  Luckily tumble dryers aren’t ridiculously heavy like washers so Blokey shoved it in his car boot and got a local appliance shop to fix it.  That was £50 gone,  but still considerably cheaper than buying a new one.

Red mites – a poultry nightmare 6

Last week Freya Woof attacked Tikka. I was in the front garden with her on a lead as I was gardening. Freya saw a cat and broke our front door as she ran at it so fast her lead bent the door past the right-angle its set to open up at. Anyway in that split second I put her in the front hallway and shut door for that cats sake. I immediately realise the back door is unlocked. Too late, Freya is hunting chickens. I run outside shouting at the dog to stop it, let go, drop. Anything. Nothing worked. Tikka was hanging out of Freya’s mouth, teeth wedged around her, I shout gentle at Freya as I pull Tikka towards me. Freya didn’t let go easily, and I thought Tikka was toast. Both kids came outside whilst this was going on. D was angry I had made a mistake […]

Early Spring Cleaning with John Lewis 2

Firstly I know it is not yet Spring, but January is a great time to have a proper clear out after all the chaos of Christmas. If your garden has been effected by all the heavy rain, like my poor garden has, I bet the carpet is a bit of a wreck? Around the same time I got Freya Woof, I got myself a cheap (entry level) Vax carpet washer ready for, erm, wet patches. I am extremely glad I bought this, but I keep thinking I should have forked out a little more for a better model like this one. I love my Vax and Blokey has previously accused me of being obsessed with washing the floor since I bought it. I’m not obsessed with cleaning, but I will admit I love seeing so much dirt come out of a carpet that looks clean, then just pouring it away. […]