Early Spring Cleaning with John Lewis 2

Firstly I know it is not yet Spring, but January is a great time to have a proper clear out after all the chaos of Christmas. If your garden has been effected by all the heavy rain, like my poor garden has, I bet the carpet is a bit of a wreck? Around the same time I got Freya Woof, I got myself a cheap (entry level) Vax carpet washer ready for, erm, wet patches. I am extremely glad I bought this, but I keep thinking I should have forked out a little more for a better model like this one. I love my Vax and Blokey has previously accused me of being obsessed with washing the floor since I bought it. I’m not obsessed with cleaning, but I will admit I love seeing so much dirt come out of a carpet that looks clean, then just pouring it away. […]

WIN (ended) – Mam Santa Dummies

Hello, I am holding a very brief competition via Twitter. If you’d like to win these look at #JuliesSantaDummies and RT my tweet. Please follow so I can DM the winners. Simples! UK only, I am paying postage. Christmas delivery not guaranteed. As I can’t be truly impartial as I am friends with many of my followers I am getting my son to pick winners. I have 4 of these dummies. Ps please use the tag #JuliesSantaDummies so it’s easy to find entries.

Letters From Santa by the NSPCC 1

I like to help charities, particularly ones I have experience of, and more so at Christmas! As a teen the NSPCC were my legal guardians, so rather than writing a letter from “Santa” for my boys I get a lovely one from the NSPCC website in return for a donation. The suggested donation is £5 and you can choose more or less if you wish. Every year online I see people selling “letters from Santa” where people are just printing out their own scripted letters and changing the names and ages – not very personalised really and that money goes straight to that seller. With the NSPCC letters to Santa the actual letters are awesome AND it’s not money to someone’s pocket, this helps real kids. (Trust me!) The Letters from Santa section on the NSPCC site lets you make your letter. You tell them some basics, first name, surname, favourite things, and a […]

Christmas Shopping 5

I’ve made an early start on Christmas presents and have a few people’s gifts sorted already. The gift I’m proudest of, and a blindingly good price are these photos for family. The photo collage prints cost 99p each for 10 x 8 inch on snapfish, and the frames are from poundland, and it’s a real glass window on it, not perspex as I would have expected of a cheap item.

Elves! Elves! 2

Well it is again that time of year, When everybody should be of great cheer.Not everyone is happy though as it’s cold and wet outside,A lot of us just want to snuggle up and hide. But not those dear Elves,To get the must-have toys on the shops shelves,They have been working every day and night Alas the prices still give Mum’s and Dad’s a fright! An elf must be short and wear bright green,And never ever be mean.For they make the toys,For all our little girls and boys. Gifts made with love and care,Perfect for a family to share.Just remember when you pack away your Christmas tree,Take it down with care in case an Elf you do see!! I wrote this in response to Tots100 December blogger challenge. Considering I have not written poetry in years I think I did pretty well, if I do say so myself. Christmas went […]

Santa Has Been But..

He was a bit annoyed the kids have been fighting all day and didn’t tidy up like they promised him when they saw him a fortnight ago. All the gifts are under the tree but….. Tree is fenced off. Nice gifts. That’s right boys. Santa has put you both on the naughty list. Christmas is not cancelled, I just want some manners and respect.

Today was the Christmas rugby match

We all went to Gloucester Rugby today. I was wearing my Gloucester rugby shirt with my name on, with a bah humbug hat. Blending in! Todays match was a total sell out. Crammed full, a bit squashed actually. If wasn’t with partner I’d have freaked out, I had a rant to him about the woman behind us. Kept touching me accidentally, please don’t touch me. :-/ He told me to chill out, and held my hand. It started off ok and Jen was sharing packets of sweets with the stewards. Then a regular Gloucester fan who isn’t that young was dressed up as Santa was walking about with a bucket of sweets, he’s in the middle photo but it blurred. My lads chased after Santa and took a single sweet each, not a handful like some cheeky kids. What I thought was fun was Gloucester were running a fun thing. […]

Postcards From Santa By D and Jen.

I know I’m slow, but I have just heard about the Postcards From Santa Competition. I saw it this evening on Twitter thanks to Tired Mummy of two. Mentioned it to D and he was straight to the kitchen table with his brothers pencil draw. D is more of a thinker, whereas little brother is the creative artist type. Jen saw D doing his Santa postcard, and had to join in. Sadly we were in a rush and I didn’t get an action shot of my lads colouring in, BUT I have scanned in the drawings, no mean feat this as we’d lost/misplaced the printer cable! Either that or Santa’s Elves had been asked to make it a challenge! They went to bed at 8.30 and I’ve Just got the pictures onto my laptop. Really hoping TravelSupermarket accept this without the evidence of my kiddies drawing…. but I promise its not my work. My level of artist […]