How I made a basic face mask 2

I had been getting more and more concerned about being outside during Coronavirus lockdown and decided to put my sewing supplies to use. I wanted a mask, but didn’t want to buy one that medical and care workers might need. What you will need is 2 bits of cotton fabric, around 25cm by 20cm (or one bigger bit that folds into that – 25cm by 40cm ish). A fabric piece about 20cm by 15cm to act as a basic filter, for example cotton flannelette pillow cases, or a thin microfibre camping/gym towel. Tightly woven yet allowing air flow. About 40cm of flat elastic, or hairband round elastic. Sharp scissors, some pins if you like things straight, and needle and thread. You place the front and back facing each other, like in the picture above, to make the mask we sew it inside out, and then all the edges end up […]

Blog takeover : Eats Amazing 3

As I am still in Italy I have a treat for you, a blog post all about beautiful bento lunches. Hello lovely readers, do let me introduce myself! My name is Grace, and I blog over at Eats Amazing on the subject of healthy children’s food, with a particular focus on the bento style lunches that I make daily for my six year old son. Julie very kindly asked me to write a guest post for her, and I was very happy to oblige – I do love rambling on about my favourite hobby – bento! You may be wondering what on earth bento is, but if you are, don’t worry, I’m here to enlighten you! Bento is a Japanese word, meaning ‘convenient’, and it refers to a meal, packed in a box, most commonly for lunch. It’s basically the Japanese equivalent of packed lunches. What makes bento different from […]

Spooky Fruit – Why Should Pumpkins Get All The Fun? 5

I was asked if I’d like to take part in Alex and Alexa #SpookyFruit competition as pumpkins totally hog the limelight in October, and the rest of the fresh fruit and veggies are feeling left out! As we saw there were Lego storage heads in the first prize we had to join in. The rest of the prizes aren’t shabby either, with 3 prize sets on offer FIRST PRIZE: Everything you need for a truly terrifying Halloween with the kids. A cutely, creepy knitted toy from Lucky Boy Sunday Two Halloween kids’ costumes from Lucy Locket Two fabulous Lego storage heads for Halloween candy A selection of beautiful Halloween party supplies for kids from Meri Meri A set of cute Halloween figurines by wooden toy suppliers Le Toy Van Second and third prizes you just lose some of the package above, so still not bad.  

Volcano Cake by Jen 3

Kids bored? Want to bake something easy, but still messy and fun? Well here is the cake my son made this weekend. Step one make normal cake mixture, we went with chocy as it looks like mud. You want the cake raised and cracked on top, like double chocy muffins in shops. While the cake is cooling mix up some icing sugar and water. Split in to two little cups or bowls and add yellow colouring to one, red colouring and vanilla flavouring into the to other.

Pimping Out My Online Skills #JuliesCV 9

I need work, whilst I don’t think I can hold a normal job at the moment, the classic 9-5 is not right for me I do need some sort of income, sooo.. Here goes.. Typing away…. I have been out of work since October with depression and mental health. This in no way stops me writing or blogging but definitely impacts on my daily life, in particular speaking to people in person is very hard for me and leaving my house alone. Yesterday my partner also got bad employment news. We thought he was lined up to be made redundant, which wouldn’t have been great news, but there would have been a redundancy payout by the company so that would have actually been OK. What his bosses have done instead, is to demote him, including a pay cut as his job is “no longer needed”, and to keep his notice […]

Postcards From Santa By D and Jen.

I know I’m slow, but I have just heard about the Postcards From Santa Competition. I saw it this evening on Twitter thanks to Tired Mummy of two. Mentioned it to D and he was straight to the kitchen table with his brothers pencil draw. D is more of a thinker, whereas little brother is the creative artist type. Jen saw D doing his Santa postcard, and had to join in. Sadly we were in a rush and I didn’t get an action shot of my lads colouring in, BUT I have scanned in the drawings, no mean feat this as we’d lost/misplaced the printer cable! Either that or Santa’s Elves had been asked to make it a challenge! They went to bed at 8.30 and I’ve Just got the pictures onto my laptop. Really hoping TravelSupermarket accept this without the evidence of my kiddies drawing…. but I promise its not my work. My level of artist […]