Postcards From Santa By D and Jen.

I know I’m slow, but I have just heard about the Postcards From Santa Competition. I saw it this evening on Twitter thanks to Tired Mummy of two. Mentioned it to D and he was straight to the kitchen table with his brothers pencil draw. D is more of a thinker, whereas little brother is the creative artist type.

Jen saw D doing his Santa postcard, and had to join in. Sadly we were in a rush and I didn’t get an action shot of my lads colouring in, BUT I have scanned in the drawings, no mean feat this as we’d lost/misplaced the printer cable! Either that or Santa’s Elves had been asked to make it a challenge! They went to bed at 8.30 and I’ve Just got the pictures onto my laptop. Really hoping TravelSupermarket accept this without the evidence of my kiddies drawing…. but I promise its not my work. My level of artist expertise is between D and Jen’s levels. I’m better than Jen, not quite as good as D, although my writing is neater so NERR! 😛

D age 10,  This place is Entirely made-up, a creative work of fiction by my D.
When Santa goes on holiday he goes to ELFVILLE and he apparently hits the Cookie & Milk festival,
 in an attempt to try to eat more cookies than the Crimbo Eve before, D likes Man V Food what can I say?
The Elfville festival also has free sliegh parking, and a chimney to practice on.

Jen age 4, Santa is in the middle wearing his hat because he likes it but not his suit as that’s his work clothes,
 its a flower Elf to the left, and a tree to the right. Its yellow in the foreground as he said Santa
went to the beach in Cornwall, Which explains why the sky is pale blue and grey swirls! We go to Cornwall
 camping most summers, and stay in a farm park near Newquay. Jen loves just mucking about in the sand,
 so I’m not suprised it was a beach.

As part of the entry instructions you are meant to tag 5 bloggers so Kay, Pink, Sonia, Di, and Claire you’re it I’m afraid. TAGGGGED.

Ends at midnight though. So unless littleys already drew a piccy before bed I’m afraid you’ll miss the deadline. x

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