Volcano Cake by Jen 3

Kids bored? Want to bake something easy, but still messy and fun? Well here is the cake my son made this weekend.

Step one make normal cake mixture, we went with chocy as it looks like mud.
You want the cake raised and cracked on top, like double chocy muffins in shops.

While the cake is cooling mix up some icing sugar and water. Split in to two little cups or bowls and add yellow colouring to one, red colouring and vanilla flavouring into the to other.


Start off by adding spoonfuls of solid colours to the center cratters so it leaks nicely down the side. Then we popped both colours in an icing thingamy-Whatsit and gave a little shake so the lava was a more natural mix up.


You want the icing to spill over on the plate, this is not meant to be tidy! Volcanoes are deadly and fiery not tame and tidy. Perfectionists look away.


Let it dry for about 20 mins and put the lid back on the icing thingamy-whatsit.
Then you can add more and the rivers of molten rock look more convincing and the raises the texture like this….



Viola! A volcano cake. I think a great way to waste some time with the children for the school hols especially on a rainy “I’m Borrrrrrrrred Mum” sort of day.

What do you think??

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