Pimping Out My Online Skills #JuliesCV 9

I need work, whilst I don’t think I can hold a normal job at the moment, the classic 9-5 is not right for me I do need some sort of income, sooo.. Here goes.. Typing away…. I have been out of work since October with depression and mental health. This in no way stops me writing or blogging but definitely impacts on my daily life, in particular speaking to people in person is very hard for me and leaving my house alone. Yesterday my partner also got bad employment news. We thought he was lined up to be made redundant, which wouldn’t have been great news, but there would have been a redundancy payout by the company so that would have actually been OK. What his bosses have done instead, is to demote him, including a pay cut as his job is “no longer needed”, and to keep his notice […]

Kaboom – The Breakdown Post 8

Well, what can I say? I think kaboom is a great word for what’s going on. Last weekend I had a mental breakdown, it had been building for some time to be fair. I’ve been saying “I’m fine” way too much, as I just don’t know how to express how bad I feel. Kaboom… This resulted in me wanting to throw myself from the upstairs window on Saturday night, luckily I suppose, I have phobias, including a fear of heights. This meant I just was shaking uncontrollably instead, crying so much I felt like I was drowning from snot, and all around my eyes hurt like I had been punched in the face. I got up, went to work, struggling lots. Sunday night, same thing, so depressed it hurt. My partner had told me to stop snivelling and attention seeking. I wasn’t attention seeking, I was breaking from the inside. […]

The icing on the cake… 2

It’s been a rough couple of months at work, I work in one of those “shop within a shop” places. I can’t name my little company, or the big company whose building I work within. Known from here on in as little and big just so it reads easily and stays fairly anon. The “Us and Them” office politics that big imposes on little is getting worse. Last year I put in such a strong complaint about someone from big that they were dismissed…. as soon as that tyrant was gone, other staff in big seemed more than happy to adopt the Cruella De’ville personality and make everyone else miserable. Now I like little, but since big made us move location within the building we are now painfully quite. My store was above targets, doing well, now its clearly declining. Big are making me very unwelcome, and to be honest […]

Well that went ok!

I don’t know why I was worried, LS was lovely. Very nice, very normal! No complaints at all, she had a few suggestions though. Which is fine! So relieved. Also doctors wasn’t so bad, but we are struggling to work out the root of my phobia. Might take ages. But I’m not giving up. posted from Bloggeroid

Bad timing alert!

Just when you think you’re doing OK something has to go a bit wrong? I won’t name them but I’ll just say LS. LS is high in the company I work for, like very high up indeed and they are visiting my store for a random check up. I’ve never met anyone from head office, and I am so paranoid about it! Worked for them over a year. I don’t fit in I’m not corporate, I don’t know company facts figures and jargon. And LS is coming on the first morning of Sale, to watch Me, and thing is first thing that morning I have a therapist session… the first real session as last time it was more a get to know you meeting. So this time round I might well leave the docs in tears. Fabulous….. fingers crossed LS is in fact a kind caring type of corporate person not […]