Pompholyx – an extreme eczema of the hands or feet 12

For years I’ve been suffering with my feet, and for the last three years I have had persistent recurring blisters on my feet. Blisters that were itchy like hundreds of ant bites or wasp stings. When the blisters go they left behind skin some damaged it looked burned and shiny. Doctors had said “oh it’s nothing, it will clear itself” or “have you tried using moisturiser?” and never really believed me. The problem with our doctors is it is too popular. Too many patients so it is normally about two weeks to see a doctor, by which time the blisters are gone and my soles are just clear shiny skin. Even pharmacists weren’t interested, refusing to sell me anything to help. (Warning : not so happy foot photo later in this post!) But in December the doctors finally helped. I saw a different doctor and told her it’s been happening […]

Today I’m proud – phobias 12

As some of my readers know, I have big phobias. Complicated phobias. Phobias that overlap and make lots of things very hard for me, almost impossible in some situations. But today sod you medical phobia, I was stronger than you today. I’ve been seeing a therapist weekly for months now, and sometimes I think “What is the point?” as I leave in tears or shakey or angry. Sometimes it feels like I am going backwards not forwards fixing these phobias and flashbacks and nightmares and well, you know! Today though was proof slow progress is being made. I’ve been to the dentist, not only been there, but also had the much feared injection, had two of my teeth drilled and fillings put in. Over a decade ago I was informed I required fillings. It’s taken that long. Between my therapists hard work and these lovely dentists I finally did it. […]

Vertigo, No The Other One

For the last fortnight I’ve been a bit wobbly. I had told myself was nothing, just nerves about going to London, about Blokey being in Canada and about the driving test. I was wrong. It’s been getting worse, so I begged for a doctors appointment. I get Labyrinthitus a few times a year but this didn’t feel quite like that. The doctor said its BPPV or benign p-something positional vertigo. Different types of vertigo on NHS choices site explains the differences medically. How it feels to me… It’s like being stood on a boat, rocking and swaying constantly in the tide. I sway even when sat down. To be honest I still feel I am moving now, as I type this in from my bed. It is unpleasant, very. I feel sea sick and on dry land. Walking is a challenge as it really steals your balance, I would definitely […]

Well that went ok!

I don’t know why I was worried, LS was lovely. Very nice, very normal! No complaints at all, she had a few suggestions though. Which is fine! So relieved. Also doctors wasn’t so bad, but we are struggling to work out the root of my phobia. Might take ages. But I’m not giving up. posted from Bloggeroid

Not a bad day on the whole

Started off with being woken up too early by my other half… not so good! Then littlest said the spots on his legs were itching so a phone call to the doctors was in order. As normal they didn’t really know, but I felt I was being judged….. he has had spots on his leg about a week, but he’s been perfectly healthy except this and it wasn’t bothering him. I get similar myself, it comes and goes without real explanation. Maybe I was just feeling sensitive as last time I saw this doctor it was when he had a head injury.Do other patents feel almost threatened by “that look” from professionals?? Anyways, after this we cycled back via the park, saw some birds and played on slides, swings and lots of variations on roundabouts. Eldest felt so dizzy he nearly puked! Tmi? After cycling back home we got lunch […]