Daily archives: May 14, 2011

Not a bad day on the whole

Started off with being woken up too early by my other half… not so good! Then littlest said the spots on his legs were itching so a phone call to the doctors was in order. As normal they didn’t really know, but I felt I was being judged….. he has had spots on his leg about a week, but he’s been perfectly healthy except this and it wasn’t bothering him. I get similar myself, it comes and goes without real explanation. Maybe I was just feeling sensitive as last time I saw this doctor it was when he had a head injury.Do other patents feel almost threatened by “that look” from professionals?? Anyways, after this we cycled back via the park, saw some birds and played on slides, swings and lots of variations on roundabouts. Eldest felt so dizzy he nearly puked! Tmi? After cycling back home we got lunch […]

Saturday morning

Well here I am, blogging from my bed! The kids have invaded, cartoons on loudly and hogging my bed but they aren’t fighting yet. Today Hubby has gone to work, despite the common misconception some school staff have to work at silly times, how lovely a term time and school hours only job would be!!! What should I do today, its sunny out but I’m feeling sleepy and a bit “can’t be bothered” but of course I’ll have to move soon as the boys will require food. Eldest is perfectly able but won’t eat unless nagged or put under his nose, I reckon he’s being bullied but he denies it. I might do gardening again as our vegetable patch is more a weeds patch! Never ending battle there, its like our soil is loaded with weed seeds. Can’t get rid of them, advice welcomed! I’ll try to photo them later […]