Vertigo, No The Other One

For the last fortnight I’ve been a bit wobbly. I had told myself was nothing, just nerves about going to London, about Blokey being in Canada and about the driving test. I was wrong. It’s been getting worse, so I begged for a doctors appointment. I get Labyrinthitus a few times a year but this didn’t feel quite like that. The doctor said its BPPV or benign p-something positional vertigo. Different types of vertigo on NHS choices site explains the differences medically. How it feels to me… It’s like being stood on a boat, rocking and swaying constantly in the tide. I sway even when sat down. To be honest I still feel I am moving now, as I type this in from my bed. It is unpleasant, very. I feel sea sick and on dry land. Walking is a challenge as it really steals your balance, I would definitely […]

Still Wobbling 1

It’s been 3 weeks since we got home from a lovely holiday to Florida. After landing in Florida, and same at Heathrow, I was swaying really badly like I was stood on a boat. Medication hasn’t helped and doctors don’t really know what’s wrong with me.Does anyone out there have any advice? I just want to be able to sit still or not have to hold on to things if I’m standing up! It’s similar to labyrinthitis that I’ve had several times before, but that only ever lasts a few days. In the first week after being home I was rather unwell with this, I had the wobbles and also other charming symptoms like leg pain, weak left arm coupled with chest pain. Needless to say, that’s what put me in hospital twice that week. Very willing to try anything safe as I’ve had enough of the constant swaying and […]