Reminising on Florida 5

As many of you know, I travelled in May this year to Florida, Orlando. This was the first time I had ever flown, anywhere, not even a small local flight, nothing! As a mummy of two, in a shop job, I can not afford holidays abroad, we normally go camping. So when my son won this holiday I went mental, crying and hardly slept for a week!!! All he had to do in return for winning was write a review for First News about the holiday. Having never been in these situtations before, the idea of American passport control was scary – people say such negative things about them! And then there was other things to worry about, like actually buying our passports first! It was a family trip, all four of us, to the Portofino Loews hotel, inside the Universal studios resort. A far cry from camping I can […]

Still Wobbling 1

It’s been 3 weeks since we got home from a lovely holiday to Florida. After landing in Florida, and same at Heathrow, I was swaying really badly like I was stood on a boat. Medication hasn’t helped and doctors don’t really know what’s wrong with me.Does anyone out there have any advice? I just want to be able to sit still or not have to hold on to things if I’m standing up! It’s similar to labyrinthitis that I’ve had several times before, but that only ever lasts a few days. In the first week after being home I was rather unwell with this, I had the wobbles and also other charming symptoms like leg pain, weak left arm coupled with chest pain. Needless to say, that’s what put me in hospital twice that week. Very willing to try anything safe as I’ve had enough of the constant swaying and […]

Nearly there!

Well after months of planning its just a week until I fly for the first time. Today I went out clothes shopping for my boys but made the mistake of taking them to choose!! What a farce and drama that was. Note to self, never EVER take 2 boys and my partner to Primark. Ever! I’ve spent £41 and they have socks, pants, boxers, sunglasses, a few tshirts and two pairs of shorts each. Hurrah. Shame I didn’t get anything for me except a headache! Haha posted from Bloggeroid

Ok, so I’m not much of a blogger but

Now that I’m getting the hang of blogging, mainly by stalking twitter friends blogs I am getting more confident at this. I thought I’d have a little waffle, if this is OK with you guys? As you might know, as I hobby I comp. For those of you that don’t know “comp” or “comping” is entering competitions as a hobby, for profit, for the thrill or just because you’ve nowt better to do… which is how my addiction to comping started incidentally. In Feb 2011 we had a phone call from first news (children’s newspaper) about a competition my eldest had entered. It was quite a shock, and cried, was shaking, the LOT. He had won us a weeks holiday to Universal theme parks in Florida!! Gobsmacked and shell shocked didn’t begin to cover it. I was assured I would hear from Universal within a week, and that’s where the stress […]