#ColourMeMarch with Cheltenham racecourse 13

I have never been to Cheltenham races, even though I live so close to Racecourse. We’ve all heard of Ladies day (which is  on the 11th of March this year), crazy dresses and wild hats. This year though Cheltenham are doing things differently.  The best dressed fillies will be chosen solely via social media.  They are calling this contest #ColourMeMarch and I’ve entered.

Big feet are a big problem 2

As you might know I am a tall lass. As a result of this I have tall feet. Long wide feet. According to the high street shop shelves I am a bit of a freak at size 10. I can only normally get shoes from t’interweb. Sounds great? Loads of choice? Cheaper online? Wrong! Sadly it means I can’t try them on first – and sometimes I find shoesies like these.

Primark and Body Shop haul 1

It was my birthday recently and I had £30 to spend. I knew I wanted decent foundations as my bare faced reflection makes me cringe. I had been using MAC face and body, but it doesn’t cover enough for me. I did great at Body Shop! £53.50 shelf label value, I actually paid £23.35 after some discount stacking. I am also expecting a 93pence refund via TopCashBack* so £22.28 really paid. I practically robbed them, legally mind!

Tardis of a bag

What’s In My Handbag?

I don’t know about you readers, but my handbag is like a tardis. I usually manage to cram rather a lot of junk in there, some of it is useful things, keys etc, some of it are things I feel I need, such as make up, then some of it is dumped in there by the kids, such as Lightening McQueen cars or sweetie wrappers. So when I came across another of MoneySuperMarket’s blogger challenges I knew I had to join in really…. If you’re thinking of entering too, hurry up, it ends at midnight tonight so not long at all.

Off On a Short Break 3

On Monday partner, the kids and I are off to Hendra near Newquay in Cornwall. It was a cheapish holiday via the Sun newspaper £9.50 holidays offer. Of course it wasn’t £9.50 a person, more like £20 each but that’s still pretty good. We are staying in a caravan, when we booked this we had no reason to suspect snow and high winds and flooding at this time of year. Now I rarely watch the news on the telly box, but today I did and I’m a bit shocked. What on earth is going on with the Cornish weather? Eek! For now though the holiday is still on, things could improve by Monday right? Pinkies crossed everyone. These kind of cheap holidays can’t be re booked or anything unfortunately. I’m still looking forwards to this, and even bought a new swimsuit. It’s a tankini really, but matches and appears to […]

Have been underwear shopping…. 2

Most of my bras were frumpy or worn out so Hubby bought me new stuff. I chose and he paid, my kind of shopping. My point is not that he’s being nice, but about Primark’s underwear. I am flat chested, since having the kids I’m barely there anymore in the boob department. This is depressing if you haven’t always been flat. They had some bras on the back wall the packaging said “maximise your assets” and they looked ridiculous, but I picked one as the pants are separate so I can choose my size. The sets are useless… Pant sizing shouldn’t follow cup sizing. Please is there any lady out there reading that is a 36B and wears size 12 bottoms? I want 16 at least but that is paired to D cups! These bras I’ll just call “assets” from now on rock! States they increase you 2 cup sizes […]

Charity shopping 4

Yesterday I went on a charity shop rumage as kids have grown again when we are skint (why are growth spurts always at bad times?) and due to this I was looking for anything for my boys. A few of the shops were stupidly over priced, for example a Primark tshirt, the ones that are £1.50 normally was £2.00 second hand and faded. One shop had a brand new with tags still on Ollie shirt for £1.50. How can they vary so much? Sadly most is charged at more than its realistic value. In Salvation Army they had a “bargain basket” which was 20p an item. Mainly socks, vests, gloves or scruffy looking items, like wearable but donated dirty. In this basket I found several items suitable for my lads. 🙂 these bits washed ok and don’t look too bad…. was happy with this until walking past Mind Jen shouts […]

Nearly there!

Well after months of planning its just a week until I fly for the first time. Today I went out clothes shopping for my boys but made the mistake of taking them to choose!! What a farce and drama that was. Note to self, never EVER take 2 boys and my partner to Primark. Ever! I’ve spent £41 and they have socks, pants, boxers, sunglasses, a few tshirts and two pairs of shorts each. Hurrah. Shame I didn’t get anything for me except a headache! Haha posted from Bloggeroid